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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Extra Keying Helps

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

There is a second page of the Ergänzungsbogen, which contains the signature of the primary person. No information will be keyed from this page. It is to be classified as "Cover Page." Some keyers are still keying this as an Ergänzungsbogen or miscellaneous document. Please read instruction page under Ergänzungsbogen. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

Household Member List: For images where the left and right side pages have been separated, only the left side page (the side that lists the names), should be classified as a "Household Member List." The right-side page should be classified as "Cover Page." Please read project instructions under Houshold Member List. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

Ergänzungsbogen and Fragebogen: Some keyers are keying Kraków in the birth county field when it is written as Krakau. Ignore the keying help that pops up here and key as seen. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

Questions and Answers

If you have a keying question that is not answered on the project page or in any of the information above, click “EDIT” and ask it here. (If you click on Rich Editor you won't have to worry about formatting your entry.) Then click “WATCH” at the top right on this page and you will be notified via email when an update has been made.

1. Residence request question: Sometimes on a residence request, there is a handwritten number on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Some people have been keying this as the ID number. My understanding was that an ID number was only given when a request was accepted. So is it correct that if the request is denied, an ID number was not given, and the handwritten number in upper right-hand corner which is usually four numbers a slash and one more number should be ignored? In earlier Krakau projects, there was a stamp with the ID number when a residence request was accepted. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

2. Ergaenzungsbogen question: When I was keying earlier Krakau projects and did see photos, the photos were of the primary person or RELATIVE. Some keyers are adding a NO to the Photo field for the HEAD person. Is it correct that a No should only be entered for the RELATIVE and not for the HEAD in the photo field? So basically when entering info for the HEAD, name, surname and relationship should only be keyed, correct? ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

3. Sometimes children's names are also on the Residence Request and some Miscellaneous documents. Sometimes the given name is only written. I have seen some keyers just assume that the children have the same last name as the primary person on the form. I have seen children have a different last name if their parents were married through religious ceremonies and not civil marriages. Wouldn't it be considered inferred information if keyers key the same last name for the children if it is not written. Shouldn't the last name only be keyed if it is actually written? ~ Rebecca 6-17-2013

4. Ergaenzungsbogen question: Some keyers are keying the residence location for the HEAD. The field help instructions say to key the residence in question #5 from the field labeled "genaue Wohnung: Ort." This field is only found farther down the page and it concerns the primary person or RELATIVE. I realize that Krakau is usually written under the Head of Household's name in the "Wohnung" field. Is it correct to enter a residence location for the HEAD or just for the RELATIVE, as per field help instructions? So basically when entering info for the HEAD, name, surname and relationship should only be keyed, correct? ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

5. Ergaenzungsbogen question: If it is written in the "Seit wann wohnen Sie in Krakau" field "Seit Geburt." Don't we key "Seit Geburt" in the year field as it says in the field help? Some keyers are keying the birthdate. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

6. BACK of Residence Request with paragraph typed in Polish: Shouldn't the BACK of the Residence Request form be classified as a Cover page? This is the form with just the paragraph typed in Polish in the middle of the page. In earlier projects, it was classified as a cover page. I have seen some keyers classify it as a image with no data form on this project. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

7. I noticed that the project instructions are a little different than the last project particularly the following: On miscellaneous records, key each easily identifiable person listed on the image as a unique record. Exceptions to this are listed below: For records such as correspondence, biographies, narratives, or other documents that do not consist of pre-printed forms and would otherwise require translating and reading through a block of text, only key the name of the primary individual, which should appear at the top of the page or somewhere near the beginning of the text. Do not key any other names mentioned in the document. Sometimes on the correspondence or letters, family members are clearly written at the top or bottom with birth dates. If we see this, do you still just want only the primary person keyed? This change is a tough one for me because I don't want to skip records. ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

8. If ages are given instead of birth dates, should we calculate birth year? Or should we key age in birth year field, for example, 71 Jahre alt. Or should we only key birth dates if they are written as day, month, year? ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

9. Ergaenzungsbogen question: If the Ergaenzungsbogen is abgelehent, then there would be no ID (Kennkarte) number issued, correct? Some keyers are keying the "Nr. des derzeitigen Ausweises" number in the ID card number field. As per field help instructions, it says key the ID number from the field labeled "Kennkarten NR." ~Rebecca 6-17-2013

10. If we come across a name that has an m or n with the diacritical macron mark over the top, should we key with one letter and ignore the mark or should we key it with both letters? It is not listed in the special characters table either. I have seen it with the last name, Kaufmann, for example. See this website for an example of what I mean. Go down to other uses and look for this sentence. In the German Kurrent handwriting, a macron is used on some consonants, especially n and m, as a shortform for a double consonant (for example, n with a line over the top instead of nn). ~Rebecca 6-19-2013

11. Sometimes on the household member list, there may be a paragraph in the "Besonderes" area. Sometimes there are names listed here. Because of that new rule listed in question 7, I am not sure if we should key the names that may or may not be in this paragraph. Do we only key the names listed in the list and ignore any we see in the "Besonderes" area, because if any names are there, they are usually in a block of text. ~Rebecca 6-19-2013

12. If Krakau XXII is written in the "genaue Wohnung: Ort" field, do we key as seen? Some keyers have been dropping the XXII. ~Rebecca 6-20-2013

13. Nationality field on Fragebogen and Ergaenzungsbogen question. Project Instructions on Wiki: Key the nationality in question #3 from the field labeled "Staatsangehörigkeit" as seen on the record using the dictionary provided to assist you. So if it says Pole, Polin, Polnisch, Polnische, Generalgouvernement or something else, this field should be keyed as seen, correct? ~Rebecca 6-22-2013

14. Residence request question: If children are listed along with the head, shouldn't the request approved (yes or no) field also be keyed for them along with the event day, month and year? ~Rebecca 6-22-2013


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