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Extra Keying Helps

Some Sample column headers:

Czech English
Rodiště a datum narození Place and date of birth
Domovská příslušnost home jurisdiction
Státní příslušnost Nationality
Posledhí bydliště Last Residence
Deportován Deported
Nyní Now
ul. (Czech for Ulica) Street
Wwe. (German for Witwe) Widow
Poslední zpráva Latest news

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

  • Not keying the second page. Very often only half of the names have been keyed. Such sets are frequently sent back for rekeying.
  • The c/o (care of) name is not an alias. It is a separate person or organization. It is part of the address; "c/o Judenrat is a common example.
  • Wrong Fields - Keyers seem to be having difficulties distinguishing address, from residence, from previous residence. The address will is the street address (including c/o, or bei, b/ etc, arbeitslager, judenrat, etc). Whereas the residence will contain the city and larger jurisdictions. Sometimes it is a separate field, sometimes it is intermingled in the residence column. Google searches help somewhat in parsing these correctly. Streets often end in -gasse or -str.
  • Months should be keyed in the language of the source document. I know this is an obnoxious rule.

Questions and Answers

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I am keying the information found in the documents indicated (1861775_74
Czech Republic Jews Deported to Terezin and Poland). My understanding
is that the people whose names I see were from Czechoslovakia and taken
to Terezin and/or Poland. Most of the addresses or place names I see
next to the names seem to be in Poland from the research I have done.
So, my assumption is that these are not resident addresses for each of
these people and should not be recorded as such. It looks as if they
are, for the most part, deportation sites. There are a few names which
have notes like "from Preslov" or "from Bratislava" which I have assumed
would be their place of residence since these are places in the the
Czech Republic.

Am I interpreting these documents correctly or should I be entering the
address/towns in Poland as place of residence.

Also, in this same set of documents is a cover letter amending
information about a previous list of people. None of the amended
information applies to my list and I am wondering if this information
will somehow be lost to the people it was intended for.

A: My take on these is that paces in Czechoslovakia are the old residences, Whereas places in Poland are the new residences. Also, Since the images will not be online, presumably whatever we don't key disappears. :( --Paulmd199 19:11, 31 May 2011 (UTC)

Q. A name list I am keying in this project includes the notation "c/o" after each name. That is, most entries on the list follow a pattern like this:

[3-digit number] [SURNAME] [given name] from [city] c/o [given name] [surname] [address] [city]

Should the name and address that follow "c/o" be keyed? I don't see any reference to this type of thing in the project instructions or field help. This is the first image set in this project I've come across with notations in English, so maybe it's a bit unusual.

A: Yes, the c/o is part of the address. Some of the documents actually are in English. Some seem to be a mix of German, English, Czech or whatever else.

Q. I'm arbitrating an image set that is a little confusing. This image has a header of "Listina - Terezín" and there are 4 columns, without headers. The first is obviously the name, but some names have additional information such as an age, and a different location. The second column has various locations, of which most are Praha. The third column is all "Terezín", which is the concentration camp. The fourth column is rarely used, but contains one of three types of entries, either something like "dep. VIII. 42" or "Tr. No. 767." or "L. 504."  A few questions I have:

1) Would the "Residence" be whats listed in the second column (places like Praha) or third column (all "Terezín")? If the residence is Terezín, would the previous residence be what's listed in the second column? And what if an entry has a separate location in the column with their name,

ex: Bauer Richard, 70, Berlin        Praha        Terezín                 Would this man's previous residence be Berlin, and current residence be Praha - not keying Terezín at all for any entries? Or is Berlin perhaps his birthplace, which would not be keyed on this form? 

2) For records that have entries in that 4th column, I know "dep. VIII. 42" indicates their deportation date. What does the "Tr. No. 767" and the "L. 504." mean & is it something that should be keyed?


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