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We have found a 2-sided card type in the project that seems to contain detailed information about automobile accidents.

<We have yet to see if this card type extends to other types of reports>

File:DetailedIncidentFront.jpg Example of Front Side of Card

File:Detailed IncidentBack.jpg Example of Back Side of Card

Response from WAP is to key the front side in one data record. Most fields apply well. The examples seen have a case number.

<Open question of whether to key BLANK for the Subject Title>

<Open question of which date on the card to use. The date of the incident/accident is probably the earliest date on the card, and most appropriate. In examples seen, the resolution of claims may often be years later.>

The back side should be entered as a Cover Page so it will be in the data base next to the front side to be seen by people searching.

<open question of what to do if some data is present on the back side, like a name or two. I suppose it doesn't hurt to then treat that as a card to key with whatever data is present. But there may be an argument against that, that there is not enough data to make it useful.>