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Questions and Answers

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Q: If there is a business name listed after an entry (in my example the entry reads "Turner Chas Harcourt, agt Blackball Coal Co"), do we key the business as a seperate entry as I believe we did with previous NZ directory projects or do we skip it as suggested in the keying example?

A: On this project we are not keying business names which appear after the person's name. Only key the business names if they appear first.

Q: If there is an entry that reads "Murdoch Bros", do we key Surname as Murdoch and Given as Bros? Or as a business name as "Murdoch Bros". There's no names following Murdoch Bros.

A: Key "Murdoch Bros" in as a business name. Leave the Surname and Given name fields blank.

Q: If there is an entry that reads "Rudlen, John, jun, farmer", is the "jun" suffix for junior, so enter in suffix as "jun"?

A: Enter "Jun" in the Suffix field. Always key as seen.

Q: If there is a city name that says "Ashbourne, see Christchurch" that doesn't have any names beneath it, how would it be keyed?

A: You don't need to key it at all. --Katerimmer 22:02, 5 July 2013 (UTC)
      • I have asked to have an official answer this question as it is a source for much confusion to many of the keyers. The instructions do not state to excluded these cities/towns. Most are keying them in as section headers. Official Instructions taken from Wiki: "Key the town or city from the top of the image using the dictionary provided to assist you. If no city appears at the top of the image, then the city should be keyed from paragraph or list headers. If multiple cities are found on an image,create a new section for each city.Cities found within the image as paragraph or list headers and will be all in capital letters or bolded (such as WANGAPEKA or Wendonside)." The instructions state to "create a new section for each city", no where in the instructions does it say to not key them. Hopefully we will get a clear answer within 24 hours. ***
        • From WAP Official Response....We apologize for any confusion. You will want to key in all cities as section headers unless there are no names listed off under that city as there is no information to key in that section so a new section for that city wouldn't be needed. Only create a new section and key in the city into the section header if there are names to be keyed on that image for that city.

Q: If there is no city listed at the beginning of the page (eg people are listed for the city listed on the previous page), what city do we use?

A: Leave the city blank.

Q: If a business entry reads "Clark Archibald & Sons" or "Bycroft J & Co Limited", should Archibald Clark and J Bycroft be keyed as persons after the business name? Thus it would be assumed that the person whom the business was named after was alive at the time of printing. 

A: Yes, key them in the Surname and Given name fields after the business name.

Q: I have C E Fooks and Son listed as a business then two line down Fooks Chas E (F & Son) as an individual, should I assume Chas E and C E are one and the same and thus only key Fooks Chas E and not Fooks C E or key both, and if just the one should I key it straight after business or in the position it comes in the directory?

A: I would key it as C E Fooks and son on one line and Fooks C E on the next line. Then two lines down, I would key Fooks Chas E, but not keying the business that follows the name.

Q: When keying JP as a suffix should it be keyed JP or J P, both are in the dictionary list. I have been keying with a space if there is a period between the J and P and without if there is no period.

A: As a reviewer, I accept both, because both are in the drop down list.

Q: When a business is listed with two surnames, such as Manning and Smith, do we key Manning and Smith as surnames, along with the business name?

A: I would key only as a business when there are no first names or initials.


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