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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary. Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page. (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.)

Extra Keying Helps

There has been a lot of discussion about keying business names so I thought I would post a few tips.

If the business name is followed by individual names key the names key the business name on its own line and each individual also on a separate line. (This creates a record for each item.)

If there is a business name such as Brooks & Son Acctg, it should be entered as "Brooks and Son Acctg".

Do not expand the name to Accounting.
The ampersand should be changed to the word "and".
Do not key Brooks as a surname. -- Annafechter 21:34, 19 November 2010 (UTC)

Please use punctuation as shown on project, such as the comma between Co and Ld, for example, Brown and Co, Ld

Please use the apostrophe if shown, such as in O'Sullivan, and please capitalize letters in names, such as McConnel, MacDonald, etc, if that is the way they are shown on the image.

Do not use periods (full stops).

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

Questions and Answers

If you have a keying question that is not answered on the project page or in any of the information above, click “EDIT” and ask it here. (If you click on Rich Editor you won't have to worry about formatting your entry.) Then click “WATCH” at the top right on this page and you will be notified via email when an update has been made.

PLEASE NOTE: According to the example in the Wiki for the Business Name Field, Woods (D. W.) and Son is entered as D W Woods and Son as the business name and D W Woods as the name. The initials are to be entered at the beginning of the business name.

Q: When it is referring to streets such as Left Side or it switches to a different road, are we supposed to insert blanks or just move on to the next name that needs to be keyed?

A: No need to enter blank lines. Just continue with next name. -- Wiedwoman 18:02, 12 October 2011 (UTC)

Q: The entry says Smith, James in bold with bookseller, stationer, ink, behind it. Should it be keyed as a business or as a person?

A: This could be construed both ways. I would just key as a name. -- Wiedwoman 18:49, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Are we supposed to key the information from business advertisements? (Ads are boxed in large, bold lettering and take up the width of the page.)

A: We do not key the advertisements in the header and footer in this project.--Paulmd199 17:57, 1 May 2011 (UTC)

Q: How about the ads that do not take up a whole page width and are not in a header or footer? Do we key them? They are in a little box, in one or two columns, and are in the middle of directory listings, not a whole page of ads.--Collier smith 04:09, 12 February 2012 (UTC)

A: I would key them as businesses -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Do we key boats/ships?

A: No, I would not key boats or ships -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: What is the correct way to key a business name that includes given initials in parentheses? For example: Smith & Co (A B)

A: I would key business as A B Smith and Co and A B Smith as the person. -- Wiedwoman 19:12, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: In business names that include (The) in parentheses, should we key the (The) in parentheses, or drop the parentheses? If the (The) is at the end of the entry on the image, should we move it to the beginning (like we do initials) or key it at the end? --Collier smith 17:14, 13 February 2012 (UTC)

A: I would put The at the beginning of the business name. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Do we make another section for each side of the page or just make 1 long list?

A: We do not need to create new sections at page boundaries, but we do create sections when the city changes. --Paulmd199 21:20, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

Q: For entries such as "Trickett & Co, PD, mfrs agts", or "Fisher Ld, W A, engrs", should it be entered as a business name only or business and person. For example the business would be Trickett & Co and personal would be Trickett PD?? (assuming initials afterwards are for a person - the exception being Ld (assume this means Limited)?

A: Key business as P D Trickett and Co and person as P D Trickett. Key business as W A Fisher, Ld and name as W A Fisher.

Q: It states when entering a business as seen with the exception of periods and entering & as 'and', do you also enter the , when it shows as "Aulsebrook & Co, Ld" for example or leave the , out?

A: Key the commas in business names as seen. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Are schools, churches etc listed as Business names?

A: Yes. Key anything that is not a person's name as a business. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: For entries such as "Riley Hry (R&Co)", should there be one entry for a person and another entry for the business as "R&Co" (as seen) or should it be "Riley and Co"?

A: Yes, key the business name, R and Co and Riley, Hry as name. Do not expand abbreviations. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: When keying pages from the Town Directory there is often more than one town per page. I've assumed that I should key the first three letters as it appears in the top left of the page - e.g. TEM for the page dealing with TE MAPARA, TE MATA, TE MAPHI etc. Is this right? Got it now - re-read the City instructions and learnt how to set up new sections for each town. As the first few entries on the page are from an unknown town I've left TEM as the header for those few entries.

A: If the city name is not showing at the beginning of the page, the header (city) should be left blank. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Where a personal entry is followed by a job title that includes the name of the company they work for, do we key an entry for the business as well as the individual e.g. should "Griffiths Wm, Sec S & C Dairy" have a separate entry of 'S and C Dairy' as a business? Does it make any difference how the business name appears separately as a business elsewhere on the page?

A: Ex 1 on the Wiki page under Business Name Field shows two separate entries, one for the person (Walter Patterson) and one for the company (New Zealand Insurance Co). Key as name: Wm Griffiths and business: S and C Dairy -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Whenever there is a junior or senior listed, they show up as 'jun' or 'sen'. However, the dictionary lists the words spelled out all the way or as 'Jr' or 'Sr'. Since this has all been done many times, I would have assumed that the 'jun' or 'sen' would be options by now. I have been using 'Jr' and 'Sr'. Is this incorrect

A: Yes this incorrect. You should always key as seen, even if the words are not shown in the dictionary. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: When keying the Town or City what is the correct procedure for keying (for example) RETARUKE, Auckland. Should I be keying RETARUKE or keying RETARUKE, Auckland? The project instructions are not very clear on this point.

A: Key as Retaruke, Auckland. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: Evidently the image I'm starting on now is from the postal directory. While some headings are in fact towns, rural routes are given from one place to another - ie a route from Baton Rouge to Lafayette What do I enter for the city?

A: I would not key rural routes. Keep keying the town until another town shows and then add a section for the new town. -- Wiedwoman 18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: The image set I have downloaded is not the usual telephone directory listing I have entered previously. This one is titled 'Taranaki Provincial Information' and lists the different offices (e.g. Survey Office), the person's position (e.g. Chief Provincial Surveyor) and the person's name (e.g. T.Humphries) we still enter this information - i.e the person's name (first/surname) and the business name where appropriate (would Survey Office be entered under the business name?)

A: Yes key all names and businesses. I would key Survey Office as a business. -- Wiedwoman
18:39, 21 February 2012 (UTC)

Q: How are entries like this keyed:  Beck Hy Taylor, builder;   Brownlie Henry McIntosh, couch builder;    Lawrie Elias Hy R, turner ?

A: (1) Surname: Beck Given: Hy Taylor
(2) Surname: Brownlie Given: Henry McIntosh
(3) Surname: Lawrie Given: Elias Hy R
The names after their names are occupations and not keyed. -- Wiedwoman 16:50, 8 April 2012 (UTC)

Q: In the image I am working on, there are 11 entries like this:  Haw Haw, see HoHo;  Hawkeswood, see Kaikoura;  Hawkins, see Darfield;  Are these cities? How should these entries be keyed?

A: I'm not sure if they refer to other towns, but I would not key them. -- Wiedwoman 19:24, 8 April 2012 (UTC)

Q In the image I'm working on, there are about three lines that have had damage done them (they're white). In two cases, I can make out the first names, but in one I can't make out the name at all. Do I create separate records for these and mark as illegible where appropriate, or skip them all together?

A: If you can tell there is a name and make out the first or last name, mark the other part illegible. I would mark a record that is illegible for both first and last name as illegible. -- Wiedwoman 01:42, 11 April 2012 (UTC)

Q I'm sorry if this is obvious/has been answered already, but I just want to make sure: I'm keying a directory where names are listed alphabetically, last name first, then first name, then type of work or business (farmer, labourer, etc). If the entry is along the lines of "Smith Abraham & Isaac, settlers", would I key that as Smith Abraham and then a separate record for Smith Issac, or Smith Abraham and then a separate record with just the name Issac? Also, how would I deal with something like "Jones Brothers, sawmills"? I have this one keyed as a business, but there's no other people with the name "Jones" there.

A: You would key Smith as Isaac's last name as a separate record. Jones Brothers would be listed as a business. -- Wiedwoman 01:45, 11 April 2012 (UTC)

Q I'm working on an alphabetical directory and I'm not sure how to list a few of them. In cases were the businesses are abbreviated after a last name (like R & Co or F & M Ltd or so forth) and the full business name is clearly listed elsewhere on the page (so, for example, a Smith Adam listed as working for S & Co and the business name Smith & Co before him) do I need to make a separate record for the abbreviated name as well?

Q: The city is Auckland, then farther on there are streets with names behind (I googled and they are suburbs of Auckland). Do you create a new section for the suburbs, or leave it as Auckland?

A: Leave it as Auckland (per the message boards. (family29hunter), 8/29/12

Q: How do I key these names : Nimmo Jas H (N & B); Williams Mss D & G; Harbour Rev Wm L (A) ?

A: See image below. Some things to explain: (N & B) is a business name, we expand the ampersand to the word "and" and key on a separate line, Mss is a plural form of Miss, so there are 2 people here, the (A) after the Reverend is his denomination, (Anglican in this case, I think) so is not keyed. --Paulmd199 01:48, 9 October 2012 (UTC)


Q: How do I key this entry: Eyles Cctr W, R N ?

Business names from a reviewer

I have just reviewed a set of 400+ N Z directory records which were absolutely 100% for names...but the keyer missed out or got wrong most of the business names and buildings such as churches etc. This has to be because they didn't read the instructions closely enough..or they didn't understand them! I would really like to give that keyer some feedback...but I know it's not possible... so could I offer this post for all keyers. Please read the instructions (especially for anything that is not just a name listing)for this can very easily add hundreds of records to your contribution..

Q: Do I key in name of Building which then lists Occupiers and buisnesses. I am keying in Churches and Hospitals