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Questions and Answers

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In the 2nd example of the keying images on wiki has both the county and parish locations highlighted as the location but no mention of what to key, are they classed as multiple locations?. I have an article which is headed "Land district of Dubbo" followed by county of Narromine and parish of Bulgandramine as the event location. What to key? Bulgandramine is the specific place but not the first mentioned.

Your 4th example shows to type county comma parish in the location field.  What if district is also provided as a column on our image?  Example:  District: Campbelltown  County: Cumberland  Parish: St Peter

A: Wiki has been updated: Key county and parish separated by a comma if that is all you have.   No definite instructions given yet re District, but I believe it is more specific than county or parish, so I would use District as the location (my own opinion only, and with some knowledge of NSW locations)

Q: What do we key if there is no date at the top and the date in the header is a date range, for example: 1st July to 30th September, 1897? I know the year is 1897, but what should I put for the month and day?  

A: I personally would put earliest date (based on instructions from other projects) unless we hear otherwise.

Q:I have a list of land grants, I believe. 1) Do I enter in the date when the land was granted? One sheet has dates from 1882-1896 but not in order. 2) In the location do I enter village/town, parish & county? Examples include: "At Ungarie, Parish Wollongough, County Gipps"; "Parish Quirindi, Town Quirindi, County Buckland"; and "Parish Kirk, at Whitecliffs, County Yungmalgra". Advice appreciated!

A: 1) Date is ONLY EVER the publication date, which may be at the top OR bottom of the article.  This same date is used for all names in the article.

A: 2) I personally would always go with the "AT" location if you have one, ie Ungarie and Whitecliffs in your examples.  If it doesn't say "AT", then town or district (these are more specific locations than Parish and County).  If all you have is county and parish, enter those in whatever order they are shown in the article, separated by a comma.

Q: Do you key surnames which are part of a business such as Smith and Johnson, A B Clark and Son, or A B Smith and Company?

A: They are still names, and I see nothing in the instructions which says to exclude them, so I would enter them. Only the name of the person, so in your examples, Blank Smith, Blank Johnson, A B Clark, A B Smith would each be separate records.

Q:  Do you key the ward names of Sydney in the location field such as "Brisbane Ward, Sydney" or "Brisbane, Sydney" or just "Sydney"?

A: I have never come across wards before.  Personally would just enter Sydney.

NB:  All 5  answers above are from a keyer/arbitrator only, not official in any way.  I just wanted to answer what I believe is correct at this point in time (23 Jun 12), as no one else has responded here yet.  You may also like to visit the Australian Boards, where much questioning has been going on and we try to help each other out.  Cheers, Linda.


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SUGGESTION : That all officialdom/official assignees etc in capital letters (regardless of the size of caps) only be keyed once per page not just the authors. eg. Right Honourable Henry Robert Viscount Hampden, Lieutenant-Governor Fredk M Darley, etc.