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Queries and Answers from WAP

Scotland - There is the occasional entry for a location in Scotland. As there is no Country field, key Scotland as a County, eg Dundee Scotland would be keyed as 'Dundee' Town and 'Scotland' County.

Isle of Wight - this was not a county then so key it in the Town field

London - key as a Town. Do not add street names but key as London only

Street names - do not key, unless that is all the information there is, eg York Street Covt Garden would be keyed as Covt Garden only, but if the entry said just York Street, then enter that in the Town field

Two Locations - eg Halifax & London - key as Halifax and London (ampersands are always spelled out as "and")

Ship/Vessel Name - eg 'Daniel Weller of the Cornwall master' - key 'The Cornwall' in the Town field.

Two Masters - if two names for the Master eg John and Mary Smith, key each name on one line each

Company Names - If the Master is shown as a company eg David Hanfield & Co - just key the name ie David Hanfield

Years - Key as either 2 figures or 4 figures as shown; some records show only 3 figures eg 801 - WAP confirm these should be expanded to 4 figues eg 1801

Common Mistakes Found

Abbreviations - Key as seen. The drop down lists are there to help but do not expand abbreviations or correct spellings. Examples - Wilts, Bucks, Middx, Surry, Oxon should be keyed as such and not expanded or corrected to Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Oxfordshire. Similarly the names Geo, Edwd, Frans and Richd should be keyed as those and not expanded to George, Edward, Francis and Richard.

Dates - Do not carry over dates from one image to another. Some records are obviously a contiuation from another page but have only the year at the top of the page. Just key the year and leave the day and month blank until a new day and month is given on the next set of records on that page.

Project Stats

Hi all, We are working on getting this stat up and running. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

2 March - When will these stats be available?