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1) Leaving off the non-solemnized marriages. Those get keyed.

2) Not keying as seen. Locations are to be entered as written but with no punctuation except apostrophes.

2a) Expanding abbreviated names.

3) Assuming the father's surname when it is not actually written on the original record. Or Leaving it off when it is written.

4) Prefixes. We are only keying prefixes that have been entered by the clerk, not the preprinted ones.

5) Punctuation. No periods. We do key apostrophes and dashes.



Before you start, rearrange the fields in the order they appear on the record. You can do that by clicking on the heading and dragging the box to where you want to place it.

The following image shows how I chose to arrange my fields.

Q and A

Preprinted Mr and Miss

Q: How are we handling the Spouse married name field? It indicates that a person was married before under another name, neither the husband's nor maiden.

A: We are not keying the other versions of the name. Just the name at the top of the spouse section.

Q: Instructions do not state whether we key commas between jurisdictions or not.

A: We are to key the jurisdictions as they appear, without commas.

Q: Do we key Mr and Miss when they are shown preprinted on form?

A: no, only key prefixes if they are specifically hand-written on the form. Reviewers should follow the same rule and remove prefixes if they have been put in.

Q: Some records show a name written twice or more but with slightly different spelling each time. For instance, the 1875 records have granted, affidavit and return sections where the name is written in each section but not always the same way. Which spelling should be used in this case?

Q: One record showed the spouse name at top as Frances but the bottom of form where they sign had Florence. Which should we enter? I put in both Frances Florence in given name.

Field Layout

Why isn't all the pertinent information on the primary person entered first and then all the pertinent information regarding the secondary person entered. It is very confusing when it comes to the place of birth for both individuals entered at the end. Why is it done that way? If they are to be entered in this order there should be a distinct identifier as to which person is being addressed. For instance, Primary Applicant and Secondary.