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Keying 'The'

When arbitrating,does it make a difference if the marriage location states "the American Consulate Building" that one keyer types "The" and the other keyer types "the"? -

It shouldn't. The keying tool usually accepts the or The as the same word. - Wiedwoman 05:32, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

Keying Names

Please key the names in the order they appear on the form. Someone is switching names around if the American citizen isn't listed first.

I agree, always key as seen - Jayne

Marriage Location

What if the marriage location is listed with a time instead of a place, should we be keying that?--Aimeesmiller

Marriage City

When you have a Marriage location of Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia do you record the City as Bogotá, Cundinamarca or Bogotá

Cundinamarca would appear to be an area, so I would leave that out and key the City as Bogota and the Country as Colombia - Jayne

Alias Surnames

How should records with additional Surnames (e.g. "Smith nee Jones" in the Surname) be handled? Should only the first be kept, or both be placed in the keyed Surname field?

ANSWER from Wiki page (WAP)
If you encounter records with both the married and maiden names listed key only the maiden name in the "Surname" field.
Sorry but I would key "Smith" and not "Jones". Smith would usually be the name the person is marrying under, probably a previous marriage - Jayne

Cover Sheet

Please could we have an example cover sheet! The example of the back of form is quite often chosen to be a cover sheet by keyers. A sample cover sheet would help people decide which is right.

Chinese and Korean Names

Please pay attention to which name is the surname and which is the given name. Oftentimes the surname is listed first instead of last. I have noticed that the consul in China often typed the Chinese surname in all capital letters, that will help you decide which name is which. This pertains to Korean names as well. --Aimeesmiller