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I am confused. Under the forms to be declared as cover pages You show Declaration/Petitions forms with partial covering of petition. The Declaration form also would not be keyed as it shows a page underneath it. Under Naturalization Forms You show a simular Declaration form with a page underneath it that is to be keyed. What is the differences between the two forms? -- bback39

The naturalization form shown, the petition is to be keyed but NOT the declaration -- Wiedwoman 23:44, 8 September 2010 (UTC)

Country of Birth

This person was born mid ocean-from So. Africa to England.

My first thought was to put Africa as place of birth, but race and nationality were left blank. But the instructions say to key the country only. It also says not to key region and something else, can't remember what it says right now. So following your directions I marked it blank. Was that correct?

Answer from WAP. We appreciate your message.

We apologize for any confusion. Per the instructions on the Ancestry World Archives Project, please enter the birth location as "South Africa; England"

If you have additional questions or feedback please reply. We appreciate your contributions to the World Archives Project.

Tom World Archives Project Support Team


Only key the age "IF" there is no date of birth.