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07.15.11 Q Fellow Arbitrators- quick question. I am working on the 1798 Penn Tax. Typically there are two columns of names to be keyed, with instructions to key each column top to bottom. Keyers were also suppose to create a new section/tab for each township. Unfortunately, I am running into a bunch that did not add the sections for multiple townships. Because they went top to bottom, with townships changing every few lines it is very time consuming to clean it up (create new sections and cut and paste), and keep it in the format WAP wants. It would be easier to just re-key it myself or send it back to be re-keyed. Just wondering what others are doing? efficiencypro- Pat

A I am not familiar with the image set you mention but on the basis of your description, I would be inclined to reject such images for re-keying because I would not feel comfortable extensively editing or re-keying them knowing that my work would not be re-checked by anyone else. Coppleridge