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Looking For Other Greedy Family Members & Bashford Family Members

Mom's Side of the Family  is the Bashford family the farthest I've gotten on this side is My Great Grandfarther his name is Lorenzo W. Bashford..This is my mom's Dad'd dad Her Mom's family Name is Trafford  No luck with that line as of yet. but we already have research on that side. We don't have Hardly Anything on the Bashford's and it's gotten a little more important now that we have another generation we need to pass the information on to, My brother and his wife have a daughter whose almost a year old and I'm trying to get as much info. as I can and get it All together  Mom and Grand daughter. but the project is not getting my full attention with my Masters Course.  So Any and all Help would be Greatly Appreciated!!.  Thanks!!

Take Care & Noblesse Oblige,

Jill R. Greedy.

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