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Bodybuilding Product Testostorm

I'm in the research that led up to the development this project I you know as we look at health care systems today both globally and in the US it's very apparent that there's potential for great improvement in health care quality and patient experience and also in reducing costs and addressing health disparities by integrating new technologies home testing technologies mobile health technologies internet-based systems and that's the focus of my research how to really bring those technologies to bear to redesign healthcare the project and Iā€™m going to talk about mostly today's Testostorm health box Bangladesh we're looking at how you can take village doctor in Bangladesh ninety-five percent of people when they have a problem will go toothier local village doctor at local village doctors are sometimes euphemistically called quacks am its normal certain terminology and their people that have decided to become health care providers maybe some other them have had some training through the Ministry of Health on but they've taken it on as a career arm and don't always have good training in background but have really great connections with people in the community and have trust the group that we're working with ICD DRB has been developing collaborations with the village doctors and having gauged in different training programs on which worked a bit but there wasn't really a system in place to insurer that high quality care.

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