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                                            Why opting for small dog breeds is a better option?

People opt for small dog breeds for different causes. Easy management, easy to carry anywhere, and cheaper feed are a few reasons among those many which justifies owning a small dog. People residing in the busy metropolitans prefer small dogs since encompassing them in the small space becomes easier. The small dogs make great buddies are can also be termed as lap dogs since they can easily be encompassed inside one’s lap.

Records shown by statistics

Records have shown that the second most preferred dogs in the various countries are the small breed dogs. In the year 2006 the Yorkshire terrier bread of small dogs leaped from the third position to the first. The small dogs are much more adored by people the reasons being, they being cute, and adorable. People and specially children just cannot resist cuddling them one they spot a small breed dog. With their zesty feature as well as penchant for excursion, they are a very joyful as well as playful type of dogs.

Description provided below

Dachshund is considered to be in the second place. Weighing approximately 11 lbs they are the 6th very popular breed of dog in USA. These people, too, have a bold and adventurous character. The genuine Poodle arrives at the third position. They weigh only 5 lbs to 13 lbs. It looks flawless seeing a poodle seated in their owner’s lap. The following most very popular little dog may be the Shih Tzu, which is placed at the forth position. These dogs were initially propagated to become lapdogs, since these dogs are affectionate, they may sit down joyously in the lap, and enjoy cuddling from their master and their children.

The Miniature Schnauzer is the fifth most favored among the breed of Small dogs. They way roughly around 14 lbs. The dogs belonging to this breed are considered to be very efficient watch dogs. They might be smaller in size but have great protection capability.

Dogs are the best friend of human

Usually the dotting parents who find their children lonely opt for small dogs since they need lesser maintenance and care but can turn out to be great pals for their ward. Due to their charm and cuteness kids are automatically attracted to them love playing with them in their free time. Though these small dogs are harmless but they still might need a few lessons. This totally depends on the owner what he/she wants from the dog.

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