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World Wide Content

Like all these people on this document, I too would love to have access to records from more countries. I know that is working hard to collect more records and I was recently thrilled to be able to search my Irish roots more thoroughly. I would like to just put in a word for Belgian ( specifically Flemish) records. -Victoriaannebury 03:34, 3 April 2011 (UTC)Victoria Bury

Thanks for all you do but I have to agree. I don't have any links with the USA. I am trying to find Scotland mainly Scotland and St Helena Alantic Ocean lineage. Please help me with these records. jb

If this wiki continues to be so US dominated I can't imagine anyone else will bother with it. How about some UK and Aussie links from the front page? --Always sign your name after your comments by using two hyphens (or a dash) followed by four tildes (-- ~~~~). Sorry. Thanks. Geoffeisen 19:09, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your input. We're working on broadening our content. Currently, we're in the process of uploading the content from Echo King's Finding Answers in British Isles Census Records. We appreciate your efforts in helping us out in the area. Look for some links and organization on the homepage in the next few weeks. --Matrayback 17:58, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

I agree. My Mother is from Spain and I can not find a single record for any of my Spanish Relatives or any records from Spain. Paying for the "World" membership was a complete waste of money. jmcates11

I think this will work out all right, it just takes time. Like the Spain person, we do need some special pages. I do research in Scotland and Germany and Switzerland. I would think it's hard to find and recover all special papers for everyone and that would be to have people spread out on everything instead of one place. This is going to take a long time to complete, but I'm willing to wait. My daughter will take up the reins when I'm gone. I am going to enjoy myself while I can.wwwcom

world searches???

I'm not sure if this is the place to voice this, but what is the point of paying for a "world" access if there aren't any records that go beyond the US census and immigration records? My great grandparents never came to this country so there will be no record of them here. With my grandparents long gone, and great grands before my parents ever met, how can I search to even find out who they were? I have a town in Italy but am getting nowhere since the only records that seem to be available to us are US? While it has been fun to find out specifics about the previous generation or two, how do I go beyond the 19th century and delve deeper into the past (which is really what the site promises)?

Exactly! I am trying to find information about my Great grandparents who came to hawaii from korea and there is nothing past hawaii. There needs to be better if not more records or articles about hawaii!!!! seriously!

I'm trying to find my great grand who live in germany in the 1800. there name is reif. thank you l reif

I think that needs to get records from Mexico and south America. Many of our ancestors went there first and stayed there for many generations. I cant find much past grand parents.


I am looking for any type of records of my great-great grandfather (b. 1855) who came to the US from Austria in 1969. All I have is that he showed up in New Jersey and was naturalized in 1878 and his life from there on, but cannot find how he came over to US. There are no passender records on him and I can't even find any records for Austria....any ideas?


Paramount Studios

I am looking for a Laurie Baker who worked for Paramount Pictures in 1937. She lived at 427 9th St, Santa Monica,Co on May17, 1937 Her fathers name was Charles or Charley. She had a brother Harry who was in the Army Foreign Services and another brother Billy who was in the CCC's in SantaBarbra. Her mother lived in Van Nuys and may have been named Mary. She was born in 1916. At the time of the letter "1937" she was in talks with Francis Lederer about getting a bit part in the picture "The Life of Chapin". Any information that I can get about this women would be greatly appreciated. She was my grandmother's neice.

I cannot find any information regarding Mexico I had to stop the so called World Search but there was no information regarding Mexico, I would have thought the would have looked into their closest neighbor to the South then to the North and the rest of the so called World search as I know that the records were their from the 1500's forward and Spain started the genealogy papers those many years ago and it would have the first place I would have looked as so many ancestors are here in the U.S. since that time, give me a break the gave the excuse that LDS beat them to the punch and did not make a deal with the LDS to buy their information to give to all of the rest of us that are paying A.cpm for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuel P Lopez

YES! I too am finding myself in a road block when I try to get past the boat. I have the name of the boat they arrived on and the departure location in Germany, but where do I go from there? I am reluctant to fork out the high "subscription" cost for the world tree access. --Sercfriesen1 23:24, 23 February 2011 (UTC)RF

Worldwide Records needs more attention

I understand there is a Hungary census now. Us Worldwide members would like to see even more census materials from the European countries. Thanks! Donnam129


Searching for my ancestors has been difficult, especially the ones from foreign countries, but I would not have gotten as far as I have without It has taken a lot of years and patience. I am amazed at the volume of information you have gathered in the last few years. I hope everyone will be patient and realize that gathering the information from all these different countries will be a long and difficult task. After 30 years of searching (with limited resources) I can now fill several large binders with the information on my father's line. Five years ago I could only fill 2 pages. I also have many contacts with other relatives that I wouldn't have had if it hadn't been for Thank you, thank you. --weaverladyllj-- john heise

Relatives from Germany

I myself am a newcomber to, and if it were not for a certain subscriber I would have been lost by not knowing what I was doing. I happened to be looking for relatives that she had already searched and found and allowed me to use her information that she found in regard to our ancestors from Germany, Switzerland, and Holland. To this day I owe her my deepest thanks. 11dkaadkaa11.

South America and Colombia South Amercia

I am looking for relatives of Ceasar Cuevas who married Isabel Viatella. Ceasar's father was Miguel Angel, I am not sure why Ceasar took the name Cuevas instead of Angle or if Angle was his middle name. Ths is all I have on my husband's parents and grandfather. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Stella Morris

Searching outside of the U.S.

For those of you who are searching for ancestors outside of the United States, if you haven't tried, you might try .. Family Tree ... However, like most things nowadays, I'm sure there will be monetary expectations involved w/using this site. n/b

Passenger List Address

A passenger list gave an address where my aunt will be going upon arrival in New York in 1924. How do I find out

who lived at that address at the time