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Donating records family photos and other archival materials to a state society may cause the records lost to family researchers. A local township or county society might be a better place to donate such materials. Local societies are usually user friendly and their materials reflect the local history.

Another option for donating archival materials is the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Your materials would be available to a great number of patrons. People come from all over the world to go to the Family History Library and I understand that they are a great help to patrons. (aaj1985)

Great-grandfather John or James or John James Mcdonough Portland ,Maine 1939

Looking for great-grandfather. Grandfather was told his fathers first name was Jim. Friend of family received info. that my grandfathers fathers last name was McDonough.My grandfather carries his mothers sir name Griffin, Marie(Mary) Griffin.Marie lived at 7 Pleasant Street Portland, Maine. 1910 census says there was a John McDonough who resided with the Griffins.Marie would have been 5 at the time and John McDonough was 23. Marie did not have my grandfather until she was 35 would have mad John about 53(?). BIG family secret!!!Would like any hints.

How do I delete my account ??

I do not want to have an account on here i will not be using it and i want it gone ! How do I delete it ???

My great grandparents immigrated from England in the 1860's and 1890's. Was there a legal process to complete to become a citizen in those times, or were they simply granted citizenship upon arrival in the USA through the immigration process.