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Hi, Mr. Radford. My name is Lisa Bradley Vosburgh and am trying to research my family tree. In particularly my father's lineage. He has passed and my brother and cousins are the last of that line. The sad part is they do not have son's to pass on the Bradley name. I know when James Bradley came to South Carolina. The week of Nov. 23rd 1734 on the Snow Eagle. There are records of his land. I know his children's much but I do not know where is was born or his parents. I am not really sure about his wife. Everything I need to know is given through family records and trees. Which is not really factual. I would think there would be records of the land grant agreements. The only passenger records are from the US and Canada Passenger and Immigration Index 1500-1900. We are planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland this summer. I really would like to do more research there but the locations in County Downe show no signs of James Bradley. I have hit the wall. What would you suggest. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely Lisa Bradley Vosburgh China,Tx