Surname Page Content Suggestions

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Surname pages are a useful place to read and post information about specific last names and their histories.


A few paragraphs of information about the history of each surname would be a very helpful addition to each page Gardner and Ishcomers family tree.

Family Crests

A picture or other type of image depicting the family crest might be an interesting attribute to each surname page. For more information on how to upload images, go here.


A few maps showing excatly where a surname originated from, or is commonly found in, may also be great additions for each surname page. Bryan county, oklahoma, u.s.a.


Links to various places with helpful information or other uses would greatly increase the value of each page. For example, a link to the surname's particular message board or Family History Facts page would be very useful. For more information on how to add links to an article, go here.


A list of literature that has a lot of information on a particular surname would greatly benefit anyone who would happen to be researching that name.