Pima County, Arizona

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Pima is a county in Arizona. It was formed in 1864 and was the original county. Pima began keeping birth records in 1889, marriage records in 1872, and death records in 1889. It began keeping land records in 1866, probate records in 1864, and court records in 1864. For more information, contact the county at 130 W. Congress St, Tucson 85701-1332. On the attached map, Pima is located at J5. Territorial capital 1867—77, including all of Gadsden Purchase of 1854 in Arizona.

Birth and Death Records available from 1878 for birth records older than 75 years and death records older than 50 years. You can search by county, and also just by first name or last name. Provided by the State of Arizona Office of Vital Records at http://genealogy.az.gov/.

However, not all births or deaths were recorded. Sacramental records like baptisms are kept at the Diocese of Tucson at http://www.diocesetucson.org/Archives%20website/archiveindex.htm.

You can also research individuals through the Arizona Historical Society's Online Catalog named LISTA. Photo catalog dates back to territorial days. It can be found at http://lista.azhist.arizona.edu/. If you can visit in person, the Library has city directories from the late 1880's. A list of online historical directories for Pima County can be located at http://sites.google.com/site/onlinedirectorysite/Home/usa/az/pima. There is also a collection of obituaries clipped from local Tucson newspapers that seem to end in the 1970's. Links to online historical Pima County newspapers can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/onlinenewspapersite/Home/usa/az.

The local Family History Centers of The Church of Latter-day Saints has some city directories that the Arizona Historical Society does not. If you are in Tucson, it is worth a visit. You can find their locations at http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp. They cannot provide information over the phone.

For information about the state of Arizona see Arizona Family History Research.

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