Order of Washington

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Order of Washington

Order of Washington®, Established 1895. A candidate for Hereditary Membership in the Order of Washington must be approved by the Council and must be lineally descended from a man or woman who served during the lifetime of George Washington, from February 22, 1731/2 to December 14, 1799, as a soldier, sailor or civil officer of the several Colonies or States, of the confederated colonies or of the United States of America or as a recognized patriot supporting or providing material aid to the cause of American Independence.

The Corporation is formed exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as the same may be amended or modified or replaced by any future United States internal revenue law (the "Code"), including, without limitation, to establish and sponsor a library, publications, conferences, symposia and speeches pertaining to the American ideals as embodied in the principles of General George Washington, including: (1) The preservation of the history and traditions relating to the foundation of the United States of America, and (2) The promotion of freedom and liberty

Website at http://www.OrderofWashington.org