New York State Library

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Cultural Education Center, 7th Floor
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12230

The state library has a large collection of published and manuscript material on New York, including genealogies and local histories, federal and state censuses, city directories, and periodicals. It is also one of the two depositories for the State of New York DAR collection. There is a published guide to the library called Gateway to America (see Background Sources for New York). The Eighth Annual Report of the New York State Education Department and the New York (State) State Library Annual Report 94th, both for 1911, reported the loss and salvage following the library’s disastrous fire that year. An annotated copy of the latter is in the manuscript division of the state library. (See Harry Macy, Jr., “The 1911 State Library Fire and Its Effect on New York Genealogy,” The NYG&B Newsletter, 10 [1999]: 19-22.)