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This entry was originally written by George F. Sanborn Jr., FASG, and Alice Eichholz, Ph.D, CG for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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the New Hampshire Family History Research series.
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The WPA index, located at the New Hampshire State Library, on microfilm at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and through the FHL, provides an unusual statewide index of town records to approximately 1850, which includes vital records. (A notable omission in the index is the town of Exeter, which was inadvertently overlooked.) Town officers, tax records, warrants, minutes and accounts of town meetings, cattle and sheep marks, voting lists, warnings out, and militia are usually found at town clerks’ offices, although the information and availability varies greatly from town to town. A thorough search for genealogical material must include the record holdings of the appropriate town.

On the chart below, addresses are from the New Hampshire Secretary of State for town/city clerks as of 2004. Most will not do research but usually indicate what materials they have available. The date for formation in the second column usually indicates the beginning of the town records, and therefore when vital records began to be recorded (see New Hampshire Vital Records). “Other Names” indicates names used earlier in the towns history or, in the case of “from,” the town from which it was formed. The third column lists the town’s parent county and its number on the state map. The parent county/ies are listed on the second line of the third column.

To determine what deed and probate records exist for each town, find the name on the town list, note the date of formation, county, and parent counties. Then refer to the county chart to see where the originals are located. For the entire state before 1771, both deeds and probate records are held at New Hampshire Records and Archives. This means that to extend the research back through all possible records in the geographic area encompassing the county before 1771, the province original deeds and original probate records need to be searched as well.

Town Address Date Formed Other Names County (Map) Parent County
AcworthBox 193, Acworth 036011735/36BurnetSullivan (13)Cheshire
Albany1972 Rt. 16, Conway 038181766BurtonCarroll (6)Grafton/Strafford
Originally in Grafton County until 1810, then in Strafford until Carroll was created.
Alexandria45a Washburn Rd., Bristol 032221753Grafton (36)
Allenstown16 School St., Allenstown 032751722Merrimack (26)Rockingham
AlsteadP.O, Box 65, Alstead 036021735/36No. 4/NewtonCheshire (2)
AltonP.O. Box 637, Alton 038091796New Durham GoreBelknap (7) Strafford
AmherstP.O. Box 960, Amherst 030311728Narragansett No. 3Hillsborough (16)
AndoverP.O. Box 61, Andover 032161751EmerystownMerrimack (5) Hillsborough
AntrimP.O. Box 517, Antrim 034401777CumberlandHillsborough (3)
AshlandP.O. Box 517, Ashland 032171868from Holderness Grafton (31)
Atkinson21 Academy St., Atkinson 038111767from PlaistowRockingham (12)
Atkinson and Gilmanton GrantunincorporatedCoos (3)
AuburnP.O. Box 309, Auburn 030321845from ChesterRockingham (6)
BarnsteadP.O. Box 11, Barnstead 032251727Belknap (11)Strafford
Barrington41 Province Lane, Barrington 038251722Strafford (7)
BartlettRR 1 Box 50, Intervale 038451790StraffordCarroll (4)Grafton/Coos
BathP.O. Box 165, Bath 037401761Grafton (8)
Bean’s GrantunincorporatedCoos (40)
Bean’s PurchaseunincorporatedCoos (38)
Bedford24 N. Amherst Rd., Bedford 031101733/34Narragansett No. 5Hillsborough (17)
BelmontP.O. Box 310, Belmont 032201859from Upper GilmantonBelknap (9) Strafford
Belmont inherited the original Gilmanton town records when the towns separated.
Bennington7 School St., Unit 101, Bennington 034421842from Hancock/Deering/GreenfieldHillsborough (7)
Benton110 Flanders Rd., Benton 037851764from CoventryGrafton (15)
Berlin City ClerkMain St., Berlin 035701771MaynesboroughCoos (24)Grafton
BethlehemP.O. Box 189, Bethlehem 035741774Grafton (2)
Boscawen116 N. Main St., Boscawen 033031732ContoocockMerrimack (14)Hillsborough
Bow10 Grandview Rd., Bow 033041727Merrimack (21)Rockingham
BradfordP.O. Box 607, Bradford 032211735/36New Bradford/BradfordtonMerrimack (12)Hillsborough
Brentwood1 Dalton Rd., Exeter 038331744from ExeterRockingham (19)
BridgewaterP.O. Box 419, Bridgewater 032641788from New ChesterGrafton (30)
Bristol230 Lake St., Bristol 032221819from Hill & Bridgewater Grafton (37)
BrookfieldP.O. Box 756, Brookfield 038721794from MiddletonCarroll (18) Strafford
BrooklineP.O. Box 336, Brookline 030331769Hillsborough (27)
Cambridge1773 (unincorporated)Coos (17)
Campton1307 NH Rte 175, Campton 032231761Grafton (24)Strafford
CanaanBox 38, Church Rd., Canaan 037411761Grafton (34)
Candia74 High St., Candia 030341763from Chester Rockingham (4)
CanterburyP.O. Box 500, Canterbury 032241727Merrimack (15)Rockingham
CarrollP.O. Box 88, Twin Mountain 035951772Breton WoodsCoos (31) Grafton
Center HarborP.O. Box 140, Center Harbor 032261797from New Hampton, “Moultonborough Addition”Belknap (2)Strafford
Chandler’s Purchase1835 (unincorporated)Coos (33)
CharlestownBox 834, Railroad St., Charlestown 036031735Sullivan (9)Cheshire
Chatham1681 Main Rd., Chatham 038131767Carroll (3)Strafford/Coos/Grafton
ChesterP.O. Box 275, Chester 030361720Rockingham (7)
ChesterfieldP.O. Box 64, Chesterfield 034431735No. 1Cheshire (13)
Chichester54 Main St., Chichester 032631727Merrimack (23)Rockingham
Claremont City Clerk58 Tremont Sq., Claremont 037431764Sullivan (7)Cheshire
Clarksville408 NH Rt. 145, Clarkesville 03592 1792Dartmouth College GrantCoos (2)Grafton
Colebrook10 Bridge St., Colebrook 035761762DrydenCoos (5)Grafton
ColumbiaP.O. Box 157, Colebrook 035761762Preston/CockburntownCoos (10)Grafton
Concord City Clerk41 Green St., Concord 033011659Penacock/RumfordMerrimack (18) Rockingham
Conway1634 E. Main, Conway 038131765Carroll (7) Strafford/Grafton
CornishBox 183, Cornish Flat 037461763Sullivan (4)Cheshire
Crawford’s Purchase and1834 (unincorporated)Coos (39)
Crawford’s Notch
Croydon879 NH Rt. 10, Croydon 037731763Sullivan (5)Cheshire
Cutt’s Grantunincorporated Coos (42)
Dalton741 Dalton Rd., Dalton 035981784from LittletonCoos (25)Grafton
Danbury23 High St., Danbury 032301795from AlexandriaMerrimack (3)Grafton
DanvilleP.O. Box 11, Danville 038191760from Kingston HawkeRockingham (16)
DeerfieldP.O. Box 159, Deerfield 030371766Nottingham Rockingham (2)
Deering 762 Deering Center Rd., Deering 032441774Hillsborough (4)
Derry14 Manning St., Derry 030381827from Londonderry unincorporatedRockingham (9)
DixvilleRFD 1, Dixville Notch 03576Coos (6)Grafton
Dix’s GrantunincorporatedCoos (7)
Dorchester369 N. Dorchester Rd., Dorchester 032661761Grafton (26)
Dover City ClerkCity Hall, 288 Central Ave., Dover 038201623*Strafford (11)
Not formally granted as a town.
DublinP.O. Box 62, Dublin 034441749MonadnockCheshire (16)
Dummer1420 East Side River Rd., Dummer 035881773Coos (16)Grafton
Dunbarton1011 School St., Dunbarton 033011735Gorhamstown/StarkstownMerrimack (20) Hillsborough
Durham15 Newmarket Rd., Durham 038241732Dover ParishStrafford (9)
East Kingston24 Depot Rd., E. Kingston 038271738KingstonRockingham (23)
Easton62 Mountainview Rd., Easton 035801876Grafton (10)
EatonP.O. Box 118, Eaton Center 038321766Carroll (11)Strafford
EffinghamP.O. Box 48, S. Effingham 038821749Carroll (14)Strafford
Ellsworth12 Ellsworth Pond Rd., Campton 032231769TrecothickGrafton (20)
EnfieldP.O. Box 373, Enfield 037481761Grafton (39)
Epping157 Main St., Epping 030421741/42from ExeterRockingham (18)
EpsomP.O. Box 10, Epsom 032341727Merrimack (25)Rockingham
ErrolP.O. Box 100, Errol 035791774Coos (15)Grafton
Erving’s GrantunincorporatedCoos (11)
Exeter 10 Front St., Exeter 038331638*Rockingham (25)
*Not formally granted as a town.
Farmington356 S. Main St., Farmington 038351798 from RochesterNorth RochesterStrafford (4)
FitzwilliamP.O. Box 504, Fitzwilliam 034471752Monadnock No. 4Cheshire (22)
FrancestownP.O. Box 67, Francestown 030431772Hillsborough (8)
FranconiaP.O. Box 900, Franconia 035801764Indian Head/MorristownGrafton (7)
Franklin City Clerk316 Central St., Franklin 032351828PemigewassetMerrimack (6)Rockingham
FreedomP.O. Box 457, Freedom 038361831N. EffinghamCarroll (13)Strafford
FremontP.O. Box 20, Fremont 030441764from Exeter PoplinRockingham (17)
Gilford47 Cherry Valley Rd., Gilford 03246 1812Gunstock Parish Belknap (6)Strafford
GilmantonP.O. Box 550, Gilmanton 038371727Belknap (10)Strafford
Gilsum14 Spring St., Gilsum 034481752BoyleCheshire (7)
Goffstown16 Main St., Goffstown 030451733/34Narragansett No. 5Hillsborough (10)
Gorham20 Park St., Gorham 035811779from ShelburneCoos (29)Grafton
GoshenP.O. Box 58, Goshen 037521791SunapeeSullivan (11)Cheshire
GraftonP.O. Box 297, Grafton 032401761Grafton (40)
GranthamP.O. Box 135, Grantham 037531761Sullivan (2)Cheshire
GreenfieldP.O. Box 16, Greenfield 030471791Lyndefield AdditionHillsborough (13)
GreenlandP.O. Box 100, Greenland 038401721from PortsmouthRockingham (29)
GreenvilleP.O. Box 354, Greenville 030481872Hillsborough (25)
Green’s GrantunincorporatedCoos (36)
Groton63-1 N. Groton Rd., Hebron 032411761CockermouthGrafton (27)
Hadley’s PurchaseunincorporatedCoos (43)
Hale’s LocationunincorporatedCarroll (5)
Hampstead11 Main St./P.O. Box 298, Hampstead 038411749Timberlane Parish of Haverill, MassachusettRockingham (14)
Hampton100 Winnacunnet Rd., Hampton 038421638Rockingham (35)
See Lane Memorial Library’s website at for searchable databases of Hampton family records from a variety of sources.
Hampton Falls1 Drinkwater Rd., Hampton Falls 038441726from Hampton Hampton Falls Parish or Fallside Parish from 1712Rockingham (36)
HancockP.O. Box 6, Hancock 034491779Hillsborough (6)
HanoverP.O. Box 483, Hanover 037551761Grafton (33)
HarrisvilleP.O. Box 284, Harrisville 034501870TwitchevilleCheshire (12)
Hart’s Location5 Forest Rd., Hart’s Location 038121722Carroll (1)Grafton
Haverhill2975 Dartmouth College Hwy., N. Haverhill 037741763Lower CoosGrafton (14)
HebronHC 58, Box 286, E. Hebron 032321792from Cockermouth Grafton (28)
Henniker2 Depot Hill Rd., Henniker 032421735/36No. 6Merrimack (16)Hillsborough
HillP.O. Box 251, Hill 032431753New ChesterMerrimack (4)Grafton
HillsboroughP.O. Box 1699, Hillsborough 032441735/36No. 7Hillsborough (2)
HinsdaleP.O. Box 31, Hinsdale 034511753Cheshire (19)
HoldernessP.O. Box 203, Holderness 032451751Grafton (32)Strafford
Hollis7 Monument Sq., Hollis 030491746Hillsborough (28)
Hooksett16 Main St., Hooksett 03106 1822Chester Woods/Rowe’s CornerMerrimack (27)Hillsborough
HopkintonP.O. Box 446, Contoocook 032291735/36No. 5Merrimack (17)Hillsborough
Hudson12 School St., Hudson 030511746Nottingham WestHillsborough (30)
JacksonP.O. Box 336, Jackson 038461800New Madbury/ AdamsCarroll (2)Strafford/Coos/Grafton
Jaffrey10 Goodnow St., Jaffrey 034521749Rowley, CanadaCheshire (18)
Jefferson84 Stage Hollow Rd., Jefferson 035831765Coos (27)Grafton
Keene City Clerk3 Washington St., Keene 034311733Upper AshuelotCheshire (10)
Kensington95 Amesbury Rd., Kensington 038331737Rockingham (24)
Kilkenny1774 (unincorporated)Coos (23)
KingstonP.O. Box 657, Kingston 038481694Rockingham (20)
Laconia City ClerkP.O. Box 489, Laconia 032461855from Meredith/Gilford/GilmantonBelknap (5)
Lancaster25 Main St., Lancaster 035841763Coos (22)Grafton
LandaffP.O. Box 125, Landaff 035851764Grafton (9)
Langdon5 Walker Hill Rd., Alstead 036021787Sullivan (12)Cheshire
Lebanon City Clerk51 N. Park St., Lebanon 037661761Grafton (38)
Lee7 Mast Rd., Durham 038241766Strafford (8)
LempsterP.O. Box 33, Lempster 036051735/36No. 9/DupplinSullivan (14) Cheshire
LincolnP.O. Box 39, Lincoln 032511764Grafton (11)
Lisbon46 School St., Llisbon 035851763Chiswick/GunthwaiteGrafton (5)
Litchfield2 Liberty Way, Ste 3, Litchfield 030511729NaticockHillsborough (19)
Littleton125 Main St., Littleton 035611764LisbonGrafton (1)
Livermore1876 (unincorporated)Grafton (12)
Londonderry50 Nashua Rd., Ste 100, Londonderry 030531722Rockingham (8)
LoudonP.O. Box 7837, Loudon 033011773from CanterburyMerrimack (19)Rockingham
Lowe and Burbank GrantunincorporatedCoos (32)
Lyman65 Parker Hill, Lyman 035851761Grafton (4)
LymeP.O. Box 342, Lyme 037681761Grafton (25)
LyndeboroughP.O. Box 164, Lyndeborough 030821735Hillsborough (14)
Madbury1755Strafford (10)
Manchester City Clerk904 Elm St., Manchester 031011735Harrytown/Tyngsborough/DerryfieldHillsborough (11)
MarlboroughP.O. Box 425, Marlborough 034551752Monadnock No. 5/Oxford/ New MarlboroughCheshire (15)
MarlowP.O. Box 231, Marlow 034561753AddisonCheshire (3)
Martin’s LocationunincorporatedCoos (35)
Mason16 Darling Hill Rd., Mason 030481749No. 1Hillsborough (26)
Meredith41 Main St., Meredith 032531748Palmer’s Town/New SalemBelknap (3) Strafford
MerrimackP.O. Box 27, Merrimack 030541746from NashuaHillsborough (18)
Middleton182 Kings Hwy., Middleton 038871749Strafford (2)
MilanP.O. Box 158, Milan 035881771from PaulsboroughCoos (20) Grafton
Milford1 Union Sq., Milford 030551794from MunsonHillsborough (23)
MillsfieldP.O. Box 48, Errol 035791774Coos (14)Grafton
MiltonP.O. Box 180, Milton 038511802from RochesterStrafford (3)
MonroeP.O. Box 63, Monroe 037711854from LymanGrafton (3)
Mont VernonP.O. Box 417, Mont Vernon 030571803from AmherstHillsborough (15)
MoultonboroughP.O. Box 15, Moultonborough 032541763Carroll (15)Strafford
Nashua City ClerkCity Hall, 229 Main St., Nashua 030611746DunstableHillsborough (29)
Nelson7 Nelson Common Rd., Nelson 034571752Monadnock No. 6/PackersfieldCheshire (9)
New BostonP.O. 250, New Boston 030701735/36Hillsborough (9)
New CastleP.O. Box 367, New Castle 038541693from PortsmouthRockingham (32)
New DurhamP.O. Box 207, New Durham 038551749Cocheco TownshipStrafford (1)
New HamptonP.O. Box 538, New Hampton 032561765Moultonborough AdditionBelknap (1) Strafford
New Ipswich661 Turnpike Rd., New Ipswich 030711735/36Hillsborough (24)
New LondonP.O. Box 314, New London 032571753Heidleberg/Alexandria AdditionMerrimack (1)Hillsborough
NewburyP.O. Box 253, Newbury 032551753Dantzig/Hereford/FisherfieldMerrimack (7)Cheshire/Hillsborough
NewfieldsP.O. Box 300, Newfields 038561849from NewmarketRockingham (26)
Newington205 Nimble Hill Rd., Newington 038011764Rockingham (30)
Newmarket186 Main St., Newmarket 038571727from ExeterRockingham (27)
Newport15 Sunapee St., Newport 037731753GrenvilleSullivan (8)Cheshire
NewtonP.O. Box 375, Newton 038581749from South HamptonRockingham (21)
North HamptonP.O. Box 141, North Hampton 038621738 from Hampton of Hampton North Hill/North Parish Rockingham (34)
Northfield21 Summer St., Northfield 032761780from CanterburyMerrimack (11)Rockingham
Northumberland2 State St., Groveton 035821761StoningtonCoos (18)Grafton
Northwood818 First NH Turnpike, Northwood 032611773from NottinghamRockingham (1)
NottinghamP.O. Box 114, Nottingham 032901722Rockingham (3)
OdellunincorporatedCoos (13)
Orange76 Eastman Rd., Orange 037411769Cardigan/Bradford/Middletown/LiscombGrafton (35)
Orford59 Archery Town Rd., Orford 037771761Grafton (21)
OssipeeBox 67, Center Ossipee 038141785New GardenCarroll (12)Strafford
Pelham6 Main St., Pelham 030761746Hillsborough (31)Rockingham
Pembroke311 Pembroke St., Pembroke 032751728Lovewell’s Town/Suncock/BuckstreetMerrimack (22)Rockingham
Peterborough1 Grove St., Peterborough 034581737/38Hillsborough (12)
Piermont573 Rt. 25C, Piermont 037791764Grafton (18)
Pinkham’s Grant &unincorporatedCoos (37)
Pinkham’s Notch
Pittsburg1526 Main St., Pittsburg 035921840Indian StreamCoos (1)Grafton
PittsfieldP.O. Box 98, Pittsfield 032631782from ChichesterMerrimack (24)Rockingham
PlainfieldP.O. Box 380, Meriden 037701761Sullivan (1)Cheshire
Plaistow145 Main St., Plaistow 038651749from Haverhill, MassachusettsRockingham (13)
Plymouth6 Post Office Sq., Plymouth 032641763New PlymouthGrafton (29)
Portsmouth City Clerk1 Junkins Ave., Portsmouth 038011631Piscataqua/Strawberry BankeRockingham (31)
Randolph130 Durand Rd., Randolph 035701772DurandCoos (28) Grafton
Raymond4 Epping St., Raymond 030771764 from Chesteras Freetown Rockingham (5)
Richmond105 Old Homestead Hwy., Richmond 034701735Sylvester, CanadaCheshire (21)
RindgeP.O. Box 11, Rindge 034611736/37from Rowley, CanadaCheshire
Rochester City Clerk31 Wakefield St., Rochester 038671722Strafford (6)
RollinsfordP.O. Box 309, Rollinsford 038691849from SomersworthStrafford (13)
Roxbury404 Branch Rd., Roxbury 034311812from MarlboroughCheshire (11)
RumneyP.O. Box 275, Rumney 032661761Grafton (23)
Rye10 Central Rd., Rye 038701726from PortsmouthRockingham (33)
Salem33 Geremonty, Salem 030791750North Parish of Methuen Massachusetts Rockingham (11)
SalisburyP.O. Box 180, Salisbury 032681736/37Baker’s Town/Stevenstown/GerrishtownMerrimack (10)Hillsborough
SanborntonP.O. Box 124, Sanbornton 032691748Belknap (4)Strafford
SandownP.O. Box 583, Sandown 038731756from KingstonRockingham (15)
SandwichP.O. Box 194, Center Sandwich 032271763Carroll (8)Strafford
Sargent’s PurchaseunincorporatedCoos (41)
SeabrookP.O. Box 476, Seabrook 038741768from Hampton Falls/ South HamptonRockingham (37)
Second College GrantunincorporatedCoos (8)
Sharon432 RT 123, Sharon 034581791from Peterborough Hillsborough (20)
Shelburne881 North Rd., Shelburne 035811769Coos (30)Grafton
Somersworth City Clerk157 Main St., Somersworth 038781754from DoverStrafford (12)
South Hampton3 Hilldale Ave., S. Hampton 038271742from Amesbury and Salisbury, MassachusettsRockingham (22)
SpringfieldP.O. Box 22, Springfield 032841769ProtectworthSullivan (3)
Stark1189 Stark Hwy., Stark 035821774Percy Coos (19)Grafton
StewartstownP.O. Box 119, W. Stewartstown 035971770Coos (4)Grafton
Stoddard2175 RT 9, Stoddard 034641752Monadnock No. 7/LimerickCheshire (4)
StraffordP.O. Box 169, Strafford 038151820Strafford (5)
StratfordP.O. Box 366, N. Stratford 035901762WoodburyCoos (12) Grafton
Stratham10 Bunker Hill Ave., Stratham 038851715/16Rockingham (28)
Success1773 (unincorporated)Coos (21)
Sugar HillP.O. Box 574, Sugar Hill 035851962from LisbonGrafton (6)
Sullivan522 South Rd., Sullivan 034311787Cheshire (8)
SunapeeP.O. Box 303, Sunapee 037821768Saville/WendellSullivan (6) Cheshire
Surry358 Pond Rd., Surry 034311769Cheshire (6)
SuttonP.O. Box 487, South Sutton 032731749PerrystownMerrimack (8)
SwanzeyP.O. Box 10009, Swanzey 034461733Cheshire (14)
TamworthP.O. Box 279, Tamworth 038861766Carroll (9)Strafford
TempleP.O. Box 69, Temple 030841750Peterborough SlipHillsborough (21)
Thompson and Meserve’s PurchaseunincorporatedCoos (34)
Thornton16 Merrill Access Rd., Campton 032231763Grafton (17)
Tilton257 Main St., Tilton 032761869from Sanbornton East SanborntonBelknap (8)
TroyP.O. Box 249, Troy 034651815from MarlboroughCheshire (17)
TuftonboroP.O. Box 98, Tuftonboro 038161750Carroll (16)Strafford
Unity13 Center Rd., Unity 037731753BuckinghamSullivan (10) Cheshire
Wakefield2 High St., Sanbornville 038721749Ham’s-town/East-town/WatertownCarroll (19)Strafford
WalpoleP.O. Box 756, Walpole 036081736BellowstownCheshire (1)
WarnerP.O. Box 265, Warner 032781735/36New Amesbury/Jennesstown/Waterloo/RyetownMerrimack (9)Hillsborough
WarrenP.O. Box 66, Warren 032791763Grafton (19)
Washington7 Halfmoon Pond Rd., Washington 032801735/36Monadnock No. 8/New Concord/CamdenSullivan (15)Cheshire
Waterville ValleyP.O. Box 500, Waterville Valley 032231829Waterville Grafton (13)
WeareP.O. Box 190, Weare 032811735Beverly, Canada/Hale-town/Robiestown/WearestownHillsborough (5)
Webster945 Battle St., Webster 033031860from BoscawenMerrimack (13)
WentworthP.O. Box 2, Town Hall, Wentworth 032821766Grafton (22)
Wentworth’s LocationRT 16, Errol 035791797Coos (9)Grafton
WestmorelandP.O. Box 111, Westmorland 034671735/36Great MeadowsCheshire (5)
Whitefield7 Jefferson Rd., Whitefield 035981774GraftonCoos (26)Grafton
WilmotP.O. Box 94, Wilmot 032871807from Mt. Kearsarge GoreMerrimack (2) Hillsborough
WiltonP.O. Box 83, Wilton 030861749No. 2 Hillsborough (22)
WinchesterP.O. Box 512, Winchester 034701733Cheshire (20)
WindhamP.O. Box 120, Windham 030871741/42Rockingham (10)
Windsor14 White Pond Rd., Windsor 032441798Campbell’s Gore Hillsborough (1)
WolfeboroP.O. Box 1207, Wolfeboro 038941759Carroll (17)Strafford
WoodstockP.O. Box 156, N. Woodstock 032621763Peeling/FairfieldGrafton (16)
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