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{{Template:Massachusetts (Red Book)}}
[[File:Massachusetts.jpg|thumb|left|Map of Massachusetts]]
''The Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts'', cited in [[Background Sources for Massachusetts]], provides some of the information that follows. Addresses are “Town Hall,” unless otherwise indicated, and come from the most recent list of town clerks distributed by the [ secretary of state]. The second column lists the date the town was established and, in parentheses, former names or towns from which it was formed. The third column lists county and, if relevent, the registry of deeds district is indicated under the county.
''The Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts'', cited in [[Background Sources for Massachusetts]], provides some of the information that follows. Addresses are “Town Hall,” unless otherwise indicated, and come from the most recent list of town clerks distributed by the [ secretary of state]. The second column lists the date the town was established and, in parentheses, former names or towns from which it was formed. The third column lists county and, if relevent, the registry of deeds district is indicated under the county.

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This entry was originally written by Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG, for Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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Map of Massachusetts

The Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts, cited in Background Sources for Massachusetts, provides some of the information that follows. Addresses are “Town Hall,” unless otherwise indicated, and come from the most recent list of town clerks distributed by the secretary of state. The second column lists the date the town was established and, in parentheses, former names or towns from which it was formed. The third column lists county and, if relevent, the registry of deeds district is indicated under the county.

Early records of town meetings have been published for a number of Massachusetts towns. See Ann S. Lainhart, “Town Records,” Essex Genealogist 10 (February 1990): 3-10, for a list and discussion. Some are interspersed in the original vital record books on microfiche distributed by Archive Publishing, 57 Locust St., Oxford, MA 01540. Those for Middlesex County towns are at the Boston Public Library, New England Historic Genealogical Society, or can be acquired through Early Massachusetts Records, Inc., 1154 Boylston, Boston, MA 02215. A descriptive guide to the collection was published in 1976 and can be obtained from that address.

The researcher should assume that vital records, whether in separate books or in town records, begin with the formation of the town, as do the town records. See parent towns for earlier records; and the county (see Massachusetts County Resources) for beginning dates of deeds, probates, and court records. Clerks respond to inquiries regarding vital records, since most have indexes available, but unindexed town records with details of town life (officers, tax lists, freeman’s lists, cattle and hog marks, voting lists, warnings out, overseers of the poor accounts, school records, etc.) must be searched in person either on microfilm or at the town’s office.

Town Address Date Formed Former Names County (Map) Registry of Deeds District
Abington500 Gliniewicz Way, No. Abington 023511712BridgewaterPlymouth (2)
Acton472 Main St., Acton 017201735ConcordMiddlesex (24)Southern
Acushnet122 Main St., Acushnet 027431860FairhavenBristol (19)Southern
Adams8 Park, Adams 012201778(East Hoosuck)Berkshire (7)Northern
Agawam36 Main, Agawam 010011855W. SpringfieldHampden (14)
Alford5 Alford Center Rd., Alford 012301773Great BarringtonBerkshire (23)Southern
Amesbury62 Friend, Amesbury 019131668SalisburyEssex (2)Southern
Amherst4 Boltwood Ave., Amherst 010031759HadleyHampshire (10)Northampton
Andover36 Bartlet St., Andover 018101646Essex (20)Northern
Aquinnah65 State Rd., Aquinnah 025351855(formerly Gay Head)Dukes (1)
Arlington730 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington 021741807Cambridge (West Cambridge, 1867)Middlesex (32)Southern
Ashburnham32 Main St., Ashburnham 014301765(Dorcester-Canada)Worcester (3)Northern
Ashby895 Main St., Ashby 01431 1767Ashburnton/Fitchburg/TownsendMiddlesex (1)Southern
Ashfield412 Main St., Ashfield 013301765(Huntstown Plantation)Franklin (17)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Ashland101 State St., Ashland 017211846Framingham/Holliston/HopkintonMiddlesex (51)Southern
Athol584 Main St., Athol 013311762(Payquage Plantation)Worcester (4)Worcester
AttleboroCity Hall, 77 Park St., Attleboro 027031694RehobothBristol (4)Northern
Auburn104 Central St., Auburn 015011778 (named Ward Leicester/Oxford/Sutton/WorcesterWorcester (45)Worcester
Avon65 E. Main St., Avon 023221888StroughtonNorfolk (20)
Ayer1 Main/P.O. Box 308, Ayer 014321871Groton/ShirleyMiddlesex (18)Southern
Barnstable367 Main St., Hyannis 026011638Barnstable (5)
Barre2 Exchange St./P.O. Box 418, Barre 010051753Rutland (Rutland District, 1774;named Hutchinson until 1776)Worcester (19)Worcester
Becket557 Main St., Becket 012231765(No. 4 Plantation)Berkshire (22)Middle
Bedford10 Mudge Way, Bedford 017301729Billerica/ConcordMiddlesex (21)Southern
Belchertown2 Jabish St., Belchertown 010071761(Cold Spring Plantation)Hampshire (19)Northampton
Bellingham2 Mechanic St., Bellingham 020191719Dedham/Mendon/WrenthamNorfolk (11)
Belmont455 Concord Ave., Belmont 021781859Waltham/Watertown/West Cambridge (Arlington)Middlesex (36)Southern
Berkley1 N. Main St., Berkley 027801735Dighton/TauntonBristol (11)Northern
Berlin23 Linden St., Berlin 015031784Bolton/MarlboroughWorcester (27)Worcester
Bernardston38 Church St., Bernardston 013371762(as Falltown Plantation)Franklin (6)Greenfield (Deerfield)
BeverlyCity Hall, 191 Cabot St., Beverly 019151668SalemEssex (24)Southern
Billerica365 Boston Rd., Billerica 018211655Middlesex (13)Northern
Blackstone15 St. Paul St., Blackstone 015041845MendonWorcester (60)Worcester
Blandford102 Main St., Blandford 010081741(Suffield Equivalent) (Glasgow)Hampden (2)Springfield
Bolton633 Main St., Bolton 017401738LancasterWorcester (2)Worcester
Boston1 City Hall Sq., Rm. 241, Boston 022011630Suffolk (4)
The following towns became part of Boston on the date indicated: East Boston (1637), South Boston (1804), Roxbury (1868), Dorchester (1870), Brighton (1874), Charlestown (1874), West Roxbury (1874), and Hyde Park (1912).
Bourne24 Perry Ave., Buzzards Bay 025321884SandwichBarnstable (1)
Boxborough29 Middle Rd., Boxborough 017191783Harvard/Littletown/StowMiddlesex (23)Southern
Boxford28 Middleton Rd., Boxford 019211694Essex (13)Southern
Boylston221 Main St., Boylston 015051786ShrewsburyWorcester (26)Worcester
Bradford(became part of Haverhill, 1897)1675SouthernEssex
Braintree1 JFK Memorial Dr., Braintree 021841640BostonNorfolk (24)
Brewster2198 Main St., Brewster 026311803HarwichBarnstable (8)
Bridgewater64 Center Sq., Bridgewater 023241656Plymouth (16)
Brighton(became part of Boston 1874)1817CambridgeSuffolk
Brimfield21 Main St., Brimfield 010101714OriginalHampden (21)Springfield
BrocktonCity Hall, 45 School St., Brockton 024011821Bridgewater, (North Bridgewater)Plymouth (1)
Brookfield6 Center St., Brookfield 015061673Worcester (40)Worcester
Brookline333 Washington St., Brookline 021471705BostonNorfolk (28)
Buckland17 State St., Shelburne Falls 013701779No-town Plantation/CharlemontFranklin (11)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Burlington29 Center St., Burlington 018031799WoburnMiddlesex (22)Southern
CambridgeCity Hall, 51 Inman St., Cambridge 021391631(Newe Towne)Middlesex (37)Southern
Canton801 Washington St., Canton 020211797StoughtonNorfolk (18)
Carlisle66 Westford St., Carlisle 017411780Acton/Billerica/Chelmsford/ConcordMiddlesex (20)Northern
Carver108 Main St., Carver 023301790PlymptonPlymouth (22)
Charlemont157 Main St., Charlemont 013391765Franklin (9)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Charlestown(became part of Boston 1874)1630Suffolk
Charlton37 Main St., Charlton 015071754OxfordWorcester (43)Worcester
Chatham549 Main St., Chatham 026331712(Manamoit Village)Barnstable (10)
Chelmsford50 Billerica Rd., Chelmsford 018241655Middlesex (12)Northern
ChelseaCity Hall, 500 Broadway, Chelsea 021501739Boston (Winnissimet/Rumney Marsh/Pullin Point)Suffolk (3)
Cheshire80 Church St., Cheshire 012251793Adams/Lanesborough/Windsor/New Ashford DistrictBerkshire (10)Northern
Chester15 Middlefield Rd., Chester 010111765(Murrayfield)Hampden (1)Northampton
Chesterfield422 Main St., Chesterfield 010121762(New Hingham Plantation)Hampshire (6)Northampton
ChicopeeCity Hall, 274 Front St., Chicopee 010131848SpringfieldHampden (8)
Chilmark401 Middle Rd., Chilmark 025351694Dukes (2)
Clarksburg111 River Rd., Clarksburg 012471798Berkshire (2)Northern
Clinton242 Church St., Clinton 015101850LancasterWorcester (25)Worcester
Cohasset41 Highland Ave., Cohasset 020251770HinghamNorfolk (27)
Colrain55 Main Rd., Colrain 013401761Franklin (4)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Concord22 Monument Sq., Concord 017421635(Musketequid)Middlesex (25)Southern
Conway32 Main St., Conway 013411767DeerfieldFranklin (18)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Cummington33 Main St., Cummington 010261779No. 5 PlantationHampshire (2)Northampton
Dalton462 Main St., Dalton 012261784(Ashuelet Equivalent)Berkshire (13)Middlesex
Dana(became part of Petersham, 1927)1801Greenwich/Hardwick/PetershamWorcesterWorcester
Danvers1 Sylvan St., Danvers 019231752Salem (Salem Village/Middle Parishes)Essex (22)Southern
Dartmouth400 Slocum Rd., S. Dartmouth 027141652(Acushena/Ponaganesett/Coaksett)Bristol (17)Southern
Dedham26 Bryant St., Dedham 020261636Norfolk (5)
Deerfield8 Conway St., S. Deerfield 013731677Franklin (19)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Dennis485 Main St., S. Dennis 026601793YarmouthBarnstable (7)
Dighton979 Somerset Ave., Dighton 027151712TauntonBristol (10)Northern
Dorchester(became part of Boston, 1870)1630originalSuffolk
Douglas29 Depot St., Douglas 015161746(New Sherbourn)Worcester (57)Worcester
Dover5 Springdale Ave., Dover 020301784DedhamNorfolk (3)
Dracut62 Arlington St., Dracut 018261702Middlesex (6)Northern
Dudley40 Schofield Ave., Dudley 015701732OxfordWorcester (55)Worcester
Dunstable511 Main, Dunstable 018271673Middlesex (4)Northern
Duxbury878 Tremont St., Duxbury 023321637Plymouth (15)
East Bridgewater175 Central/Box 387, Bridgewater 023331823BridgewaterPlymouth (12)
East Brookfield101 Depot Sq., East Brookfield 015151920BrookfieldWorcester (41)
East Longmeadow60 Center Sq., East Longmeadow 010281894LongmeadowHampden (17)
Eastham2500 State Hwy., Eastham 026421646(Nawsett)Barnstable (12)
Easthampton50 Payson Ave., Easthampton 010271785Northampton/SouthamptonHampshire (16) Northampton
Easton136 Elm St., N. Easton 023341725NortonBristol (3)Northern
Edgartown70 Main St., Edgartown 025391671(Great Harbour)Dukes (6)
Egremont171 Egremont Plain Rd./P.O. Box 56, South Egremont 012581760Berkshire (24)Southern
Enfield(became part of Belchertown/New Salem/Pelham/Ware, 1938)1816 Belchertown/GreenwichHampshireNorthampton
Erving12 E. Main St., Erving 013441838Franklin (15)Greenfield
Essex30 Martin St., Essex 019291819IpswichEssex (17)
EverettCity Hall, 484 Broadway, Everett 021491870MaldenMiddlesex (39)Southern
Fairhaven40 Center St., Fairhaven 027191812New BedfordBristol (20)Southern
Fall RiverCity Hall, 1 Government Center, Fall River 027221803Freetown (Troy, 1834)Bristol (14)Northern
Falmouth59 Town Hall Sq., Falmouth 025401694Barnstable (3)
Fitchburg718 Main St., Fitchburg 014201764LunenbergWorcester (9)Northern
Florida60 South St., Drury 013431805Barnardstone’s Grant/Bullock’s GrantBerkshire (4)Northern
Foxborough40 South St.1778Stoughton/Walpole/Wrentham/Stoughtonham Norfolk (16)
Foxborough 02035
Framingham150 Concord St., Framingham 01702
Franklin150 Emmons, Franklin 020381778WrenthamNorfolk (12)
Freetown3 N. Main St., Assonet 027021683Bristol (15)Northern
GardnerCity Hall, 95 Pleasant St., Gardner 014401785Ashburnham/Templeton/Westminister/WinchendonWorcester (7)Worcester
Gay Head1855(renamed Aquinnah)Dukes (1)
Georgetown1 Liberty St., Georgetown 018331838RowleyEssex (9)Southern
Gill325 Main Rd., Gill 013761793GreenfieldFranklin (14)Greenfield (Deerfield)
GloucesterCity Hall, 9 Dale Ave., Gloucester 019301642(Cape Ann)Essex (18)Southern
Goshen42 Main St., Goshen 010321781ChesterfieldHampshire (3)Northampton
Gosnold28 Tower Hill Rd., Cuttyhunk 027131864ChilmarkDukes (7)
Grafton30 Providence Rd., Grafton 015191735(Hassanamisco)Worcester (48)Worcester
Granby250 State St., Granby 010331768South HadleyHampshire (18)Northampton
Granville707 Main St., Granville 010341754Hampden (12)Springfield
Great Barrington334 Main St., Great Barrington 012301761SheffieldBerkshire (25)
Greenfield14 Court Sq., Greenfield 013011753DeerfieldFranklin (13)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Greenwich(became part of Hardwick/New Salem/Petersham/Ware, 1938)1754(Quabbin plantation)HampshireNorthampton
Groton173 Main St., Groton 014501655Middlesex (10)Southern
Groveland183 Main St., Groveland 018301850BradfordEssex (8)Southern
Hadley100 Middle St., Hadley 010351661(New Plantation)Hampshire (9)Northampton
Halifax499 Plymouth St., Halifax 023381734Middleborough/Pembroke/PlymptonPlymouth (17)
Hamilton577 Bay Rd., Hamilton 019361793IpswichEssex (16)Southern
Hampden625 Main St., Hampden 010361878WilbrahamHampden (19)
Hancock3650 Hancock Rd., Hancock 012371776(Jericho Plantation)Berkshire (5)Northern
Hanover550 Hanover St., Hanover 023391727Abington/ScituatePlymouth (4)
Hanson542 Liberty St., Hanson 023411820PembrokePlymouth (13)
Hardwick307 Main St., Gilbertson 010371739(Lambstown Plantation)Worcester (20)
Harvard13 Ayer Rd., Harvard 014511732Groton/Lancaster/StowWorcester (17)Worcester
Harwich732 Main St., Harwich 026451694(Stauckett)Barnstable (9)
Hatfield59 Main St., Hatfield 010381670HadleyHampshire (8)
HaverhillCity Hall, 4 Summer St., Haverhill 018301641Essex (4)Southern
Hawley8 Pudding Hollow Rd., Hawley 013391792(No. 7 Plantation)Franklin (10)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Heath1 E. Main St., Heath 013461785CharlemontFranklin (3)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Hingham210 Center St., Hingham 020431635(Barecove)Plymouth (6)(Norfolk 1793–1803)
Hinsdale39 South St., Hinsdale 012351804Partridgefield/DaltonBerkshire (14)Middle
Holbrook50 N. Franklin St., Holbrook 023431872RandolphNorfolk (25)
Holden1196 Main St., Holden 015201741WorcesterWorcester (23)Worcester
Holland27 Sturbridge Rd., Holland 015501783South Brimfield (Wales)Hampden (23)Springfield
Holliston703 Washington St., Holliston 017461724SherbornMiddlesex (54)Southern
HolyokeCity Hall, 536 Dwight St., Holyoke 010401850West SpringfieldHampden (6)
Hopedale78 Hopedale St., Hopedale 017471886MilfordWorcester (51)Worcester
Hopkinton18 Main St., Hopkinton 017481715(Moguncoy)Middlesex (53)Southern
Hubbardston7 Main St., Hubbardston 014521767RutlandWorcester (12)Worcester
Hudson78 Main St., Hudson 017491866Marlborough/StowMiddlesex (47)Southern
Hull253 Atlantic Ave., Hull 020451644Plymouth (7)(Norfolk 1793–1803
Huntington24 Russell Rd., Huntington 010501773Murrayfield (Norwich)Hampshire (12)Northampton
Ipswich25 Green St., Ipswich 019381634(Aggawam)Essex (15)Southern
Kingston26 Evergreen St., Kingston 023601726PlymouthPlymouth (19)
Lakeville346 Bedford St., Lakeville 023471853MiddleboroughPlymouth (20)
Lancaster695 Main St., Lancaster 015231653Worcester (16)Worcester
Lanesborough83 N. Main St., Lanesborough 012371765(New Framingham Plantation)Berkshire (9)Northern
LawrenceCity Hall, 200 Common St., Lawrence 018401847Andover/MethuenEssex (34)Northern
Lee32 Main St., Lee 012381777Great BarringtonBerkshire (21)Middle
Leicester3 Washburn Sq., Leicester 015241714Worcester (34)Worcester
Lenox6 Walker St., Lenox 012401767RichmontBerkshire (17)Middle
LeominsterCity Hall, 25 W. St., Leominster 014531740LancasterWorcester (14)Northern
Leverett9 Montague Rd., Leverett 010541774SunderlandFranklin (24)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Lexington1625 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington 021731713CambridgeMiddlesex (27)Southern
Leyden16 W. Leyden Rd., Leyden 013011784BernardstonFranklin (5)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Lincoln16 Lincoln Rd., Lincoln 017731754Concord/Lexington/WestonMiddlesex (26)Southern
Littleton37 Shattuck Rd., Littleton 014601715(Nashoba)Middlesex (19)Southern (Northern 1856–60)
Longmeadow20 Williams St., Longmeadow 011061783SpringfieldHampden (15)Springfield
LowellCity Hall, 375 Merrimack St., Lowell 018521826ChelmsfordMiddlesex (7)Northern
Ludlow488 Chapin St., Ludlow 010561774SpringfieldHampden (9)Springfield
Lunenburg17 Main St., Lunenburg 014621728Turkey Hills and land belonging to Woburn/Dorchester/and Boardman’s FarmWorcester (10)Northern
Lynn3 City Hall Sq., Lynn 019011635(Saugust)Essex (31)Southern
Lynnfield55 Summer St., Lynnfield 019401782LynnEssex (26)Southern
MaldenCity Hall, 200 Pleasant St., Malden 021481649Middlesex (34)Southern
Manchester10 Center St., Manchester 019441645SalemEssex (25)Southern
Mansfield6 Park Row, Mansfield 020481770NortonBristol (2)Northern
Marblehead188 Washington St., Marblehead 019451633Essex (29)Southern
Marion2 Spring St., Marion 027381852RochesterPlymouth (26)
MarlboroughCity Hall, 140 Main St., Marlborough 017521660Middlesex (48)Southern
Marshfield870 Moraine St., Marshfield 020501640(Green’s Harbour) (Rexhame)Plymouth (9)
Mashpee16 Great Neck Rd. North, Mashpee 026491763Barnstable (4)
Mattapoisett16 Main St., Mattapoisett 027391857RochesterPlymouth (27)
Maynard195 Main St., Maynard 017541871Stow/SudburyMiddlesex (41)Southern
Medfield459 Main St., Medfield 020521650DedhamNorfolk (9)
MedfordCity Hall, 85 George P. Hassett Dr., Medford 021551630Middlesex (33)Southern
Medway155 Village St., Medway 020531713MedfieldNorfolk (7)
MelroseCity Hall, 562 Main St., Melrose 021761850MaldenMiddlesex (31)Southern
Mendon20 Main St./P.O. Box 54, Mendon 017561667Worcester (52)Worcester
Merrimac2 School St., Merrimac 018601876AmesburyEssex (1)Southern
Methuen41 Pleasant St., Methuen 018441725HaverhillEssex (11)Northern
Middleborough20 Center St., Middleborough 023461669(Namassackett)Plymouth (21)
Middlefield188 Skyline Trail1783Becket/Chester/Washington/Partridgefield/Worthington/Prescott’s GrantHampshire (4)
Middlefield 01243
Middletown48 S. Main St., Middletown 019491728Andover/Boxford/Salem/TopsfieldEssex (21)Southern
Milford52 Main St., Milford 017571780MendonWorcester (53)Worcester
Millbury127 Elm St., Millbury 015271813SuttonWorcester (46)Worcester
Millis900 Main St., Millis 020541885MedwayNorfolk (8)
Millville8 Central St., Millville 015291916BlackstoneWorcester (59)Worcester
Milton525 Canton St., Milton 021861662DorchesterNorfolk (21)
Monroe3-C School St., Monroe 013501822Rowe/The GoreFranklin (1)Greenfield
Monson110 Main St., Monson 010571760BrimfieldHampden (20)Springfield
Montague1 Ave. A, Turners Falls 013761754SunderlandFranklin (21)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Monterey435 Main St., Monterey 012451847TyringhamBerkshire (26)Southern
Montgomery161 Main St., Montgomery 010851780Westfield/Norwich/SouthamptonHampden (4)Springfield
Mount Washington118 East Rd., Mount Washington 012581779(Tauconnuck Mountain plantation)Berkshire (29)Southern
Nahant334 Nahant Rd., Nahant 019081853LynnEssex (33)Southern
Nantucket16 Broad St., Nantucket 025541687(Sherburn, 1713) (Tuckannock, 1795)Nantucket
Natick13 E. Central St., Natick 017601650Middlesex (50)Southern
Needham1471 Highland Ave., Needham 021921711DedhamNorfolk (2)
New Ashford188 Mallery Rd., New Ashford 012371781Berkshire (6)Northern
New BedfordCity Hall, 133 Williams St., New Bedford 027401787DartmouthBristol (18)Southern
New Braintree20 Memorial Dr., New Braintree 015311751Harwick/BrookfieldWorcester (29)Worcester
New MarlboroughP.O. Box 99, Mill River 012591759Berkshire (31)Southern
New Salem15 S. Main St., New Salem 013551753Franklin (26)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Newbury25 High Rd., Newbury 019501635(Wessacucon)Essex (7)Southern
NewburyportCity Hall, 60 Pleasant St., Newburyport 019501764NewburyEssex (6)Southern
NewtonCity Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Ave., Newton 021591691(Cambridge Village/New Cambridge)Middlesex (46)Southern
Norfolk1 Liberty Lane, Norfolk 020561870Franklin/Medway/Walpole/WrenthamNorfolk (13)
North AdamsCity Hall, 10 Main St., North Adams 012471878AdamsBerkshire (3)
North Andover400 Osgood St., North Andover 018451855AndoverEssex (12)Northern
North Attleborough43 S. Washington St., North Attleborough 027601887AttleboroughBristol (1)
North Brookfield185 N. Main St., North Brookfield 015351812BrookfieldWorcester (31)Worcester
North Reading235 North St., North Reading 018641853ReadingMiddlesex (15)Southern
NorthamptonCity Hall, 210 Main St., Northampton 010601656Hampshire (14)
Northborough63 Main St., Northborough 015321766WestboroughWorcester (28)Worcester
Northbridge7 Main St., Whitinsville 015881772UxbridgeWorcester (49)Worcester
Northfield69 Main St., Northfield 013601714(Squakeag Plantation)Franklin (7)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Norton70 E. Main St., Norton 027661710TauntonBristol (5)Northern
Norwell345 Main St./P.O. Box 295, Norwell 020611849ScituatePlymouth (5)
Norwood566 Washington St., Norwood 020621872Dedham/WalpoleNorfolk (6)
Oak Bluffs56 School St./P.O. Box 2490, Oak Bluffs 025571880EdgartownDukes (5)
Oakham2 Coldbrook Rd., Oakham 010681762RutlandWorcester (21)Worcester
Orange6 Prospect St., Orange 013641783Athol/Royalston/Warwick/Ervingshire tractFranklin (16)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Orleans19 School Rd., Orleans 026531797EasthamBarnstable (11)
Otis1 N. Main St., Otis 012531773Tyringham Equivalent (Loudon, 1810)Berkshire (28)Middle
Oxford325 Main St., Oxford 015401693Worcester (44)Worcester
Palmer4417 Main St., Palmer 010691752(The Elbows Plantation)Hampden (10)Springfield
Paxton697 Pleasant St., Paxton 016121765Leicester/RutlandWorcester (33)Worcester
PeabodyCity Hall, 24 Lowell St., Peabody 019601855DanversEssex (27)Southern
Pelham351 Amherst Rd., Amherst 010021743(New Lisburn tract)Hampshire (11)Northampton
Pembroke100 Center St., Pembroke 023591712DuxburyPlymouth (14)
Pepperell1 Main St., Pepperell 014631753GrotonMiddlesex (3)Southern
Peru3 W. Main Rd., Hinsdale 012351771(Partridgefield, 1806)Berkshire (15)Middle
Petersham3 S. Main St., Petersham 013661754(Nichewoag Plantation)Worcester (11)Worcester
Phillipston50 On the Common, Phillipston 013311786Athol/Templeton (Gerry, 1814)Worcester (5)Worcester
PittsfieldCity Hall, 70 Allen St., Pittsfield 012011761(Pontoosuck Plantation)Berkshire (12)Middle
Plainfield344 Main St., Plainfield 010701785CummingtonHampshire (1)Northampton
Plainville142 South St., Plainville 027621905WrenthamNorfolk (15)
Plymouth11 Lincoln St., Plymouth 023601620Plymouth (23)
Plympton5 Palmer Rd., Plympton 023671707PlymouthPlymouth (18)
Prescott(became part of Pelham and New Salem, 1938)1822Pelham/New SalemWorcester
Princeton6 Town Hall Dr., Princeton 015411759RutlandWorcester (13)Worcester
Provincetown260 Commercial St., Provincetown 026571727Barnstable (15)
QuincyCity Hall, 1305 Hancock, Quincy 021691792Braintree/DorchesterNorfolk (23)
Randolph41 S. Main St., Randolph 023681793BraintreeNorfolk (22)
Raynham53 Orchard St., Raynham 027671731TauntonBristol (7)Northern
Reading16 Lowell St., Reading 018671644LynnMiddlesex (16)Southern
Rehoboth148 R Peck St., Rehoboth 027691645(as Seacunk)Bristol (9)Northern
RevereCity Hall, 281 Broadway, Revere 021511846ChelseaSuffolk (1)
Richmond1529 State Rd., Richmond 012541765(Richmont)Berkshire (16)Middle
Rochester1 Constitution Way, Rochester 027701686(Scippicam)Plymouth (24)
Rockland242 Union St., Rockland 023701874AbingtonPlymouth (3)
Rockport34 Broadway, Rockport 019691840GloucesterEssex (19)Southern
Rowe321 Zoar Rd., Rowe 013671785(Myrefield)Franklin (2)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Rowley139 Main St., Rowley 019691639Essex (10)Southern
Roxbury(annexed to Boston, 1868)1630Suffolk
Royalston13 The Common, Royalston 013681765(Royalshire tract)Worcester (1)Worcester
Russell65 Main St., Russell 010711792Westfield/MontgomeryHampden (3)
Rutland250 Main St., Rutland 015431714(Naquag tract)Worcester (22)Worcester
SalemCity Hall, 93 Washington St., Salem 019701630Essex (28)Southern
Salisbury5 Beach Rd., Salisbury 019501639(Colchester)Essex (3)Southern
Sandisfield66 Sandisfield Rd., Sandisfield 012551762(No. 3 Plantation)Berkshire (32)Southern
Sandwich145 Main St., Sandwich 025631638Barnstable (2)
Saugus298 Central St., Saugus 019061815Essex (30)Southern
Savoy720 Main Rd., Savoy 012561797Berkshire (8)Northern
Scituate600 Chief Justice Cushing Way, Scituate 020661633Plymouth (8)
Seekonk100 Peck St., Seekonk 027711812RehobothBristol (8)Northern
Sharon90 S. Main St., Sharon 020671765Stoughton (Stoughtonham)Norfolk (17)
Sheffield21 Depot Sq., Sheffield 012571733Berkshire (30)Southern
Shelburne51 Bridge St., Shelburne Falls 013701768DeerfieldFranklin (12)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Sherborn19 Washington St., Sherborn 017701674Middlesex (52)Southern
Shirley7 Keady Way, Shirley 014641753GrotonMiddlesex (9)Southern
Shrewsbury100 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury 015451720Worcester (36)Worcester
Shutesbury1 Cooleyville Rd., Shutesbury 010721761(Roadtown Plantation)Franklin (25)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Somerset140 Wood St., Somerset 027261790SwanseaBristol (13)Northern
SomervilleCity Hall, 93 Highland Ave., Somerville 021431842CharlestownMiddlesex (38)Southern
South Hadley116 Main St., South Hadley 010751753HadleyHampshire (17)Northampton
Southampton8 East St., Southampton 010731753NorthamptonHampshire (15)Northampton
Southborough17 Common St., Southborough 017721727MarlboroughWorcester (38)Worcester
Southbridge41 Elm St., Southbridge 015501816Charlton/Dudley/SturbridgeWorcester (54)Worcester454
Southwick454 College Hwy., Southwick 010771770WestfieldHampden (13)Springfield
Spencer157 Main St., Spencer 015621753LeicesterWorcester (32)Worcester
SpringfieldCity Hall, 36 Court St., Springfield 011031641Hampden (16)Springfield
Sterling1 Park St., Sterling 015641781LancasterWorcester (15)Worcester
Stockbridge6 Main St., Stockbridge 012621739(Indian Town Plantation)Berkshire (20)Middle
Stoneham35 Central St., Stoneham 021801725CharlestownMiddlesex (29)Southern
Stoughton10 Pearl St., Stoughton 020721726DorchesterNorfolk (19)
Stow380 Great St., Stow 017751683(Pompositticut Plantation)Middlesex (40)Southern
Sturbridge308 Main St., Sturbridge 015661738(New Medfield tract)Worcester (42)Worcester
Sudbury322 Concord Rd., Sudbury 017761639Middlesex (42)Southern
Sunderland12 School St., Sunderland 013751714(Swampfield)Franklin (23)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Sutton4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton 015271714Worcester (47)Worcester
Swampscott22 Monument Ave., Swampscott 019071852LynnEssex (32)Southern
Swansea81 Main St., Swansea 027771667RehobothBristol (12)Northern
TauntonCity Hall, 15 Summer St., Taunton 027801639(Cohannett)Bristol (6)Northern
Templeton9 Main St., Baldwinville 014361762(Narragansett No. 6 Plantation)Worcester (6)Worcester
Tewksbury1009 Main St., Tewksbury 018761734BillericaMiddlesex (8)Northern
Tisbury51 Spring St., Vineyard Haven 025681671(Middletowne)Dukes (4)
Tolland241 W. Granville Rd., Tolland 010341810GranvilleHampden (11)Springfield
Topsfield8 W. Common St., Topsfield 019831648IpswichEssex (14)Southern
Townsend272 Main St., Townsend 014691732SouthernMiddlesex (2)
Truro24 Town Hall Rd., Truro 026661709(Pawmett tract)Barnstable (14)
Tyngsborough25 Bryants Lane, Tyngsborough 018791789DunstableMiddlesex (5)Northern
Tyringham16 Main Rd., Tyringham 012641762(No. 1 Plantation)Berkshire (27)Middle
Upton1 Main St., Upton 015681735Hopkinton/Mendon/Sutton/UxbridgeWorcester (50)Worcester
Uxbridge21 S. Main St., Uxbridge 015691727MendonWorcester (58)Worcester
Wakefield1 Lafayette St., Wakefield 018801812Reading (South Reading)Middlesex (45)Southern
Wales3 Hollow Rd., Wales 010811762BrimfieldHampden (22)Springfield
Walpole135 School Rd., Walpole 020811724DedhamNorfolk (10)
WalthamCity Hall, 610 Main St., Waltham 021541738WatertownMiddlesex (45)Southern
Ware126 Main St., Ware 010821761(Ware River Parish)Hampshire (20)Northampton
Wareham54 Marion Rd., Wareham 025711739Rochester/Agawam PlantationPlymouth (25)
Warren48 High St., Warren 010831742Brimfield/Brookfield/Kingsfield (Western-1834)Worcester (39)Worcester
Warwick12 Athol Rd., Warwick 013641763(Roxbury Canada Plantation)Franklin (8)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Washington8 Summit Hill Rd., Washington 012231777(Hartwood Plantation)Berkshire (18)Middle
Watertown149 Main St., Watertown 024721630Middlesex (35)Southern
Wayland41 Cochituate Rd., Wayland 017781780Sudbury (East Sudbury, 1835)Middlesex (43)Southern
Webster350 Main St., Webster 015701832Dudley/OxfordWorcester (56)Worcester
Wellesley525 Washington St., Wellesley 021811881NeedhamNorfolk (1)
Wellfleet300 Main St., Wellfleet 026671763EasthamBarnstable (13)
Wendell270 Wendell Depot Rd., Wendell Depot 013801781Shutesbury/ErvingshireFranklin (22)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Wenham138 Main St., Wenham 019841643Essex (23)Southern
West Boylston120 Prescott St., West Boylston 015831808Boylston/Holden/SterlingWorcester (24)Worcester
West Bridgewater65 N. Main St., West Bridgewater 023791822BridgewaterPlymouth (10)
West Brookfield2 E. Main St., West Brookfield 015851848BrookfieldWorcester (30)Worcester
West Newbury381 Main St., West Newbury 019851819Newbury (Parsons)Essex (5)Southern
West Springfield26 Central St., West Springfield 010891774SpringfieldHampden (7)Springfield
West Stockbridge9 Main St., West Stockbridge 012661774StockbridgeBerkshire (19)Southern
West Tisbury1059 State Rd., West Tisbury 025751892TisburyDukes (3)
Westborough34 W. Main St., Westborough 015811717MarlboroughWorcester (37)Worcester
WestfieldCity Hall, 59 Court St., Westfield 010851669SpringfieldHampden (5)Springfield
Westford55 Main St., Westford 018861729ChelmsfordMiddlesex (11)Northern
Westhampton1 South Rd., Westhampton 010271778NorthamptonHampshire (13)Northampton
Westminster3 Bacon St., Westminster 014731759(Narragansett No. 2)Worcester (8)Northern
WestonTown House Rd., Weston 021931713WatertownMiddlesex (44)Southern
Westport816 Main St., Westport 027901787DartmouthBristol (16)Southern
Westwood580 High St., Westwood 020901897DedhamNorfolk (4)
Weymouth75 Middle St., Weymouth 021891635(Wessaguscus)Norfolk (26)
Whately218 Chestnut Plain Rd., Whately 010931771HatfieldFranklin (20)Greenfield (Deerfield)
Whitman54 South Ave., Whitman 021881875Abington/E. Bridgewater (South Abington)Plymouth (11)
Wilbraham240 Springfield St., Wilbraham 010951763SpringfieldHampden (18)Springfield
Williamsburg141 Main St., Haydenville 010391771HatfieldHampshire (7)Northampton
Williamstown31 North St., Williamstown 012671765(as West Hoosuck Plantation)Berkshire (1) Northern
Wilmington121 Glen Rd., Wilmington 018871730Reading/WoburnMiddlesex (14)Northern
Winchendon109 Front St., Winchendon 014751764(Ipswich Canada Plantation)Worcester (2)Worcester
Winchester71 Mount Vernon St., Winchester 018901850Medford/Woburn/W. CambridgeMiddlesex (30)Southern
Windsor3 Hinsdale Rd., Windsor 012701771(Gageborough)Berkshire (11)Northern
Winthrop1 Metcalf Sq., Winthrop 021521846Chelsea (N. Chelsea)Suffolk (2)
WoburnCity Hall, 10 Common St., Woburn 018011642(Charlestowne Village)Middlesex (28)Southern
WorcesterCity Hall, 455 Main St., Worcester 016081684(Quansigamond Plantation)Worcester (35)Worcester
Worthington160 Huntington Rd., Worthington 010981768(No. 3 Plantation)Hampshire (5)
Wrentham100 Stonewall Blvd., Wrentham 020931673(Wollonopaug)Norfolk (14)
Yarmouth1146 Route 28, S. Yarmouth 026641639(Mattacheeset)Barnstable (6)
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