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Set Form Type
For projects where the large majority of image sets belong to a single form type (such as most naturalization projects), we have selected a “default” form type for you.  This will help you to jump right into keying without setting the same form type over and over.  You can always click the button above the field help to change the default form type if you find it is necessary.


Projects that have multiple form types will prompt you to select the form type prior to keying. The “Select Form Type” drop-down menu now has more room for larger and better descriptions of form types, links to the online examples of each form, and a list of the fields that the form has.


Set Form Position
In updating the tool, we were able to eliminate this step altogether. We have also taken steps to update the highlights, so if they are “off” you can drag it to the correct location.

Set Form Layout
We also eliminated this less frequently used step. For projects that previously used it, such as city directories, you will need to add a new section when you begin keying a new page.  'Please read the project instructions carefully to know when you may need to add a new section.''Italic text

Download Image Sets
We updated the layout of the “Download Image Sets” popup to separate available Keying and Arbitration projects on their own tabs.  This allows you to see more available projects at once. Additionally, we added more advanced project filtering to help you select the project you would like to key.  You can now filter projects by difficulty, language and location.  To filter the projects click on the “funnel” icon next to the name of the item you’d like to filter by.  The projects will remain filtered each time you open the “Download Image Sets” popup.


We have moved the field helps to the left hand side of the page. If you have read the field help, and are familiar with the project, you may decide to minimize the Field Help by using the double arrows. To expand the Field Help again you simply click on the double arrows again. Minimizing the Field Help will expand your data entry area to the entire bottom of the screen.


Pick a Project for Me Button
Use the new “Pick a Project for Me” to automatically download and open a high-priority project for keying.