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john carter ,son of richard carter late 1500s to early 1600 in garston lancashire ,john lived in garston but moved to london . He then moved back to garston in about 1645 ,his son john or john senior married sarrah smith, the john thomas born about 1700 in garston , it seems called his name as thomas probably as there was already two john his dad + his grandfather. there is a carter gedcom file already exists done from garston john thomas to two brothers ,william + henry carter ,they travelled to australia in 1875 abt , henry married caroline eliz schofield born 1856 in aus, henry born in england 1851 abt, they married in abt 1875 , and had thier first born william henry in 5th may 1876, in footscray victoria aus.they gave birth to 11 more kids , jane cotton named after her grandmum caroline cotton . jane carter became mrs john montgomery. william henry married rebecca eliz thorpe 10-10-1882 b in hindmarsh south australia. her parents kezia Hall ,married thomas thorpe ,they had 12 children , kezias parents , elizabeth Hill , married to john Hall. thomas parents charles thorpe + mary ann born in petticoat lane london. henry was a carpenter who travelled the world searching for the best wood .to build with. one of these trips he took will henry age about 18 yrs old, with him william went to find fight in the bore war, he said when he arrived there ,the man he had to replace was hanging from a tree upside down with a cut down the middle like a slaughtered pig. this freaked him out . but he stayed long enough to be shot in the arm. from this trip he never came back to australia ,for five years. he wrote to his father ,stating he was in hospital ,but would be home soon , after five years of no word from him. his cousin claude thorpe wrote in trove news paper a few , incidents in williams life , when he married, when he made sligh grog, I think by what he told me ,his granddaughter at age 16. that the two wars ,boer + 1st world wars affected him so much, that he never got over it until later in life , he made grog drank it + partied with mates , he was arrested for selling or giving it to his mates ,until later in life . he wondered around like a nomad staying with my family his son + his wife + 8 children . l loved him very much , I understood what he had gone thru ,it must have been like hell, as he said he had to collect the dog tags off of all his dead digger mates, bodies. he was the head of his platoon i think as he had a high ranking cap . he thru his medals away as they meant only bad memories. being a baker + cook he travelled around aus , making bread in ant hills + made into ovens , by being cleaned out, in these he made bread cakes buns for the aboriginal tribes . then he built a tin shack , on which he painted rock cakes for road making , this photo was added to post or people magazine by my brother in law bryce edwick. about 1970s. william later after adding 5 children to his marriage 2 girls + 3 boys of whom robert carter born late in thier lives died at 6 months old