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Looking for ancestors using surnames EVITT, SLIGH,HUNTER,SMITH, SUTTON, TRAVIS, MOORE, RICE and MCMILLON. Families are in Rhea County (Dayton) Tn, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Texas

SMITHs of Dayton Tn

I am currently seeking information on the following people:

Asbury Smith B) 1830 in GA D) Unknown he married Mary S Russell B) 1850 Georgia D) Unknown. They were married abt 1870. They had children 1 whos name was William M (Tinkerbill)Smith B 1871 in Murray Co, Ga.

Asbury Smith is believed to be 3/4 or 100% Cherokee Indian also prior to 1870 it is believed he was married to Martha???. His grandmother is believed to be Jennie Kirk.

Seeking information on Asburys parents and siblings as well as his children

Looking for information on the SUTTONS/ Thomas/ Rice of Sevierville and Dayton TN

I am looking for information regarding James Sutton b 1849 in Tn d 1873 in Tn married to Permelia Hoggard/ Haggard also looking for information reguarding their children parents etc..on these people as well: Jessie B Thomas b)1880 Tn D)1937 Married Sarah Rice b)1866 tn d)1937 Sarah Howell B)Unknown D) Unknown married John Rice B)1837 Tn D)1911 in Tn William Rice B)1795 South Carolinia D) 1845 Putnam County Tn married Sarah ??? B)1792 South Carolina D) 1865 Tennessee

Siblings of Ethel Nerve Lay

Ethel Lay B) 1883 Etowah Alabama D) 1/15/1963 Florida Married Charles Andrew Sligh August 11, 1911. Charles was B)8/26/1864 in Ga D)8/1/1935 in Alabama.

I am looking for any information you may have

Travis/ Moore Famaly of Dayton Tn

Im looking for any and all information on the following people: Ida A (Travis) b)5/11/1872 in Tn D)7/20/1918 in Tn Married James H Travis 1889. James was B ) 1/1/1871 in Tn D) 11/18/1944

I am seeking information on Alfred Moore B) Unknown D) Dayton, Tn married Ada B Unknown B)6/7/1888 D) 4/15/1969 Tn She had a brother named Jasper Moore they are both burried in the City cemetary in Dayton Tn