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The Following is from "History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana" By Otho Winger

Gorman B Heeter was born near North Manchester February 3 1858 His wife was Rachel Fanning He was called to the ministry in the Manchester congregation in 1887 and was advanced in 1889 He was one of the founders of Manchester College and made heavy sacrifices to start this school Later he moved to Huntington City where he was pastor of the church one year In 1900 he was called to be pastor and elder at Burnetts Creek For sixteen years he has been as a father to these people giving them faithful service and enjoying their confidence and respect He is often called to officiate at the funerals of those who are not members He is now engaged in fruit raising and of recent years has received many calls to give addresses on fruit growing (page 351 BIOGRAPHIES).

The following notice appeared in the Manchester Journal in May 1895 Articles of incorporation for the new Brethren College and for the Bible School which is to be run in connection with the college were filed with the secretary of State last week The trustees for the first year are George L Shoemaker Levi Holsinger Emanuel S Young Simon S Young Gorman B Heeter Levi H Eby and David Hollinger Of these Professor ES Young is to be president of the college and SS Young its business manager School will open September 11 This was the beginning of Manchester College These trustees came into possession of the college campus containing ten acres of ground and the one building since known as College Hall though it had been christened Bumgerdner Hall by the United Brethren During the summer of 1895 money was raised to erect another building for the Bible School It was built that same fall much after the same plan as al1 ready given for College Hall The college opening was on September 11 Professor Young led the chapel service Miss Margaret Bixler led in singing All Hail the Power of Jesus Name Prayer was offered by Reverend Burton Short addresses were made by Professor Young and some of the local ministers The service was held in the old chapel building in College Hall There was a large crowd present (page 265 EDUCATION). Media:http://books.google.com/books?id=vs6fAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA266&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U3lGaEHMVZQKqg_esbFVrR1Vb52DQ&ci=188,309,655,431&edge=0

JA Weaver was a man of good education and of refined nature He later moved to the West He was lame much of his life He met his death by being run over by an auto which he was trying to crank while it was in low gear AR Bridge has served the church thirty years and is now their only resident minister He was ordained to the eldership in 1914 A few years ago he was bereft of his wife and a son by typhoid fever For his second wife he married Orpha Butterbaugh the widow of Noah Butterbaugh a minister in the Eel River church Besides those elected there have lived in this congregation at different times Isaac Hanawalt George Myers DW Hostetler and MM Sherrick Monticello was the mother church for both Palestine and Burnetts Creek The former was organized to the west in 1870 with twenty members Burnetts Creek was organized to the east in 1898 with fifty members The church has not only lost by division but also by emigration Many have gone out from this place to other places of labor In 1913 a house was built in the west part of the territory one mile west of Guernsey For over forty years the Brethren had had services in this neighborhood In 1916 the congregation reported 114 members GB Heeter of Burnetts Creek is presiding elder Joseph Kellen berger John Hibner and Henry Shafer are deacons The last named is the aged stepfather of Elder Frank Fisher (page 99 CONGREGATIONS).