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Passengers arriving onboard the Hebe

Complete list all Irish passengers who traveled from Cobh County Cork Ireland to Quebec onboard ship the Hebe departure date 31 July 1823 arrival date 31st of August 1823. in Canada.

This list has been finalised if the person you are looking for is not on the list check the other ship lists on the main project page Peter Robinson Settlers

Take note that children over the age of 14 were registered as adults in some passenger lists. The Hebe passenger records do not have the ages listed like the later ships.

Names with last place of residence


Frances Armstrong   child  Killfinan, Limerick
Jane Armstrong      child  Killfinan, Limerick
Margaret Armstrong  adult  Killfinan, Limerick
Robert Armstrong    adult  Killfinan, Limerick
Sophia Armstrong    child  Killfinan, Limerick
Rebecca Armstrong   child  Killfinan, Limerick
Thomas Armstrong    child  Killfinan, Limerick

James Allen        Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
Mary     Allen     Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
Mary     Allen     Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
Magaret     Allen  Clogheen, Tipperary-child
Katherine Allen    Clogheen, Tipperary-child


 James Barry         Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Richard Barry       Churchtown,Cork-adult
 William  Barry      Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Mary Barry          Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Helen Barry         Churchtown, Cork-adult
 William Barry       Churchtown, Cork-adult

 John Barry         Buttevant,Cork-adult
 Margaret Barry     Buttevant,Cork-adult         (wife)
 Thomas Barry       Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Margaret Barry     Buttevant,Cork-adult
 John Barry         Buttevant,Cork-adult
 Helen Barry        Buttevant, Cork-child
 James Barry        Castlelyons, Cork-adult      (alias Patick Mealy)
 John Berkley       Croom, Limerick-adult
 Daniel Bresnihan   Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Honora Bresnihan   Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Bridget Bresnihan  Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Julia Bresnihan    Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Thomas Bresnihan   Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Mary Bresnihan     Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Joanna Bresnihan   Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 John Bresnihan     Liscarrol, Cork-child
 Katherine BresnihanLiscarrol, Cork-child

 James Brunwick       Clogheen, Tipperary-adult   ( alias James White)
 Nora Brunwick        Clogheen, Tipperary-adult   (wife)
 William Brunwick     Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Mary Brunwick        Clogheen, Tipperary-child
 James Brunwick       Clogheen, Tipperary-child
 Nora Brunwick        Clogheen, Cork-adult        (wife to J.White)
 William Brunwick     Clogheen, Cork-adult        (son of the above)
 Mary Brunwick        Clogheen, Cork-child
 James Brunwick       Clogheen, Cork-child
 Cornelius Buckley  Newmarket, Cork-adult
 Katherine Buckley  Newmarket, Cork-adult         (wife)
 Cornelius Buckley  Newmarket, Cork-child
 James Buckley      Newmarket, Cork-child
 Patrick Buckley       Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Bridget Buckley       Churchtown,Cork-adult      (wife)
 James Buckley         Churchtown, Cork-child
 Daniel Buckley        Churchtown, Cork-child
 John    Buckley       Churchtown, Cork-child
 Timothy Buckley       Churchtown, Cork-child
 Daniel Buckley        Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Mary Buckley          Churchtown,Cork-adult      (wife)
 James Buckley         Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Helen Buckley         Churchtown,Cork-adult      (sister)
 Timothy Buckley         Charleville, Cork-adult
 Mary Buckley            Charleville, Cork-adult
 Margaret Buckley        Charleville, Cork-child


 William Callaghan  Kanturk,Cork-adult
 Bridget  Callaghan Kanturk,Cork-adult
 Timothy Callaghan   Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Margaret Callaghan  Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Joanna   Callaghan  Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Katherine Callaghan Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Dennis Callaghan    Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Judah Callaghan     Churchtown, Cork-adult

 John McCarty      Killfinan, Limerick-adult

 Timothy Courtney  Buttevant,Cork-adult

 Mary Callaghan     Shinnanah, Cork-child
 Nelly McCarty      Killfinan, Limerick-adult
 Michael McCarthy   Mallow, Cork-adult ( gone , left at Montreal)
 Katherine McCarthy Mallow, Cork-adult (gone , left at Montreal)
 Timothy Coghlin    Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Mary Coghlin       Doneraile, Cork-adult
 John Colbert       Clogheen, Tipperary-adult     ( left at Murphys Falls, alias James Mara)
 Richard Collins    Kanturk, Cork-adult
 Daniel   Collins   Kanturk, Cork-adult
 Mary       Collins Kanturk, Cork-adult
 Cornelius Collins  Kanturk, Cork-adult
 Richard Collins    Kanturk, Cork-child

 John Conner       Croom, Limerick-adult (left at Prescott)

 Michael Cronin    Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Mary Cronin       Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Denis Cronin      Mitchelstown, Cork-adult (alias Jessy Riley stopped at 

Prescott )

 Jeremiah Cronin   Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Robert Cunningham    Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Mary Cunningham      Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Katherine Cunningham Fermoy, Cork-child
 Anne Cunningham      Fermoy, Cork-child


 Patrick Dahill    Newmarket, Cork-adult
 John Doherty     Churchtown,Cork-adult
 Judi  Doherty    Churchtown, Cork-wife
 Patrick Doherty  Churchtown, Cork-child
 Edward Doherty   Churchtown, Cork-child
 Daniel Doherty   Churchtown, Cork-child

 Patrick Donoghue Newcastle, Limerick-adult
 Jeffrey  Donoghue  Liscarrol, Cork.adult
 Mary     Donoghue  Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Katherine Donoghue Liscarrol, Cork-child
 Joseph Donoghue    Liscarrol, Cork-child
 Cornelius Donovan  Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Joanna Doherty    Newcastle, Limerick-adult
 Michael Donovan   Buttevant, Cork-adult (Left at Lachine)
 Bridget Donovan   Buttevant, Cork-adult (left at Lachine)
 George Dooley     Clogheen, Cork-adult

 David Dowlin         Charleville, Cork-adult
 Mary  Dowlin         Charleville, Cork-adult
 Katherine Dowlin     Charleville, Cork-adult
 Nelly Dowlin         Charleville, Cork-adult
 Edmond Dowlin        Charleville, Cork-adult
 John Dowlin          Charleville, Cork-adult
 Joanna Dowlin        Charleville, Cork-adult
 Nora Dowlin          Charleville, Cork-child
 Anne Dowlin          Charleville, Cork-child

 Garret Dulmage    Croom, Limerick-adult
 Sarah Dulmage     Croom, Limerick-adult
 Richard Dulmage   Croom, Limerick-adult
 Margaret Dulmage  Croom, Limerick-child
 Laurence Dulmage  Croom, Limerick-child


 John Evans           Croom, Limerick-adult


 John Finn            Ballygiblin, Cork-adult  (left at B(??)
 William Fitzgerald   Killworth, Cork-adult
 Margaret Fitzgerald  Charleville, Cork-adult (left elsewhere, gone)
 Michael Foley        Charleville, Cork-adult
 Patrick Foley          Castlelyons, Cork-adult
 Helen Foley            Castlelyons, Cork-adult
 Mary Foley             Castlelyons, Cork-adult
 John Foley             Castlelyons, Cork-adult
 David Foley            Castlelyons, Cork-child
 Patrick Foley          Castlelyons, Cork-child
 Michael Foley          Castlelyons, Cork-child
 Helen Foley            Castlelyons, Cork-child
 Richard Forrest   Newmarket, Cork-adult
 Nel Forrest       Newmarket, Cork-adult
 Kate Forrest      Newmarket, Cork  24 years old
 Timothy Forrest   Newmarket, Cork- 21 years old
 James Forrest     Newmarket, Cork- 19 years old
 Richard Forrest   Newmarket, Cork-17 years old
 Cornelius Forrest Newmarket, Cork -15 years old
 Joanna Forrest    Newmarket, Cork - 10 years old


 John Garey          	Fermoy, Cork-adult (left at Murphy's falls)
 Daniel Gold            Charleville, Cork-adult


 John Hanlin      Clogheen, Tipperary-adult (alias Daniel Calaghan)
 Elizabeth Hanlin Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 William Hickey   Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Michael Horan    Mallow,Cork - adult
 James Heilin     Clogheen, Cork-adult  (alias James McGrath)
 Mary Heilin      Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Ellen Heilin     Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Francis Jessop   Killfinan, Limerick- adult


 John McKan          Croom, Limerick-adult
 Cornelius O'Keeffe  Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Jeremiah O'Keeffe   Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Christopher Kelly   Buttevant,Cork-adult
 John Kinney         Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Bridget Kinney      Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Jeremiah Kinney     Fermoy, Cork-child


 James Landrigan   Clogheen, Tipperary-adult (alias Luke McGrath)
 Patrick Landrigan Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Mary Landrigan    Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Peggy Leary        Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 Patrick Lynch      Croom, Limerick-adult


 Michael McGoran  Liscarrol, Cork-adult
 John Meehan     Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Honorah Meehan  Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Michael Meehan  Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Mary Meehan     Clogheen, Tipperary-child
 James Magner    Mallow,Cork-adult
 Helen  Magner   Mallow,Cork-adult
 Jude    Magner  Mallow,Cork-child
 Timothy Mann      Charleville, Cork- adult
 Joanna Mann       Charleville, Cork- wife
 James Mann        Charleville, Cork - child
 Bridget Mann      Charleville,Cork - child
 Martin  Mann      Charleville, Cork -child
 Jeremiah Mullins   Ballygiblin, Cork-adult
 Joanna    Mullins  Ballygiblin, Cork-adult
 Denis Murphy       Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Margaret Murphy    Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Patrick Murphy     Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Bartholomew Murphy Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Joanna Murphy      Churchtown, Cork-adult
 Margaret Murphy    Churchtown, Cork-child


 Garret Nagle        Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Honora Nagle        Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Garret Nagle junior Fermoy, Cork-adult
 Richard Nagle       Fermoy, Cork-adult
 John Nagle          Fermoy, Cork-child
 Patrick Nagle       Fermoy, Cork-child
 Michael Nagle       Fermoy, Cork-child
 James Nagle         Fermoy, Cork-child
 Mary Ann Nagle      Fermoy, Cork-child


 Timothy  Rahilly       Newmarket, Cork-adult
 Mary     Rahilly       Newmarket, Cork- adult (wife)
 Jeremiah Rahilly       Newmarket, Cork -child
 Patrick  Rahilly       Newmarket, Cork -child
 James    Ray           Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Mary     Ray           Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Margaret Ray           Doneraile, Cork-child
 William Ryan           Croom, Limerick-adult
 Cornelius Roche       Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Bridget   Roche       Doneraile, Cork-adult (wife)
 John Roche            Doneraile, Cork-child
 Denis Roche           Doneraile, Cork-child
 James Roche           Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Nora Roche            Clogheen, Cork-adult
 Morris Roche          Clogheen, Cork-child
 Ellen Roche           Clogheen, Cork-child
 Joanna Roche          Clogheen, Cork-child
 Michael Roche         Clogheen, Cork-child
 Patrick Rourke        Newcastle, Limerick-adult
 Ellen    Rourke       Newcastle, Limerick-adult
 Patrick Ryan          Mitchelstown, Cork-adult


 James Scanlin       Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Helen Scanlin       Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 James Scanlin       Mitchelstown, Cork-child
 Bridget Scanlin     Mitchelstown, Cork-child
 Morris O'Shea       Charleville, Cork-adult
 James Sheehan       Buttevant,   Cork-adult
 Mary Sheehan        Buttevant,   Cork-adult
 John Sheehan        Buttevant,   Cork-adult
 James Sheehan       Buttevant,   Cork-child
 Patrick Sheehan     Buttevant,   Cork-child
 Margaret Sheehan    Buttevant,   Cork-child
 Mary Sheehan        Buttevant,   Cork-child
 Timothy Sheehan   Liscarrol,     Cork-adult
 Mary Sheehan      Liscarrol,     Cork-adult (wife)
 Joanna Sheehan    Liscarrol,     Cork-child
 Maurice Sheehan   Liscarrol,     Cork-child
 Honora Sheehan    Liscarrol,     Cork-child
 Cornelius Sheehan Liscarrol,     Cork-child
 Patrick Slattery    Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Helen Slattery      Clogheen, Tipperary-adult
 Katherine Slattery  Clogheen, Tipperary-child
 Mary Slattery       Clogheen, Tipperary=child
 Patrick Slattery    Clogheen, Tipperary-child
 Robert Smithwick    Mitchelstown, Cork-adult
 Charles Sullivan   Killworth, Cork -adult
 Honora Sullivan    Killworth, Cork-adult
 John O'Sullivan    Doneraile county Cork- adult
 Mary O'Sullivan    Doneraile county Cork- adult
 John O'Sullivan    Doneraile county Cork- adult
 Mary O'Sullivan    Doneraile county Cork-child
 Margaret O'Sullivan Doneraile county Cork-child
 Michael Sullivan   Croom, Limerick-adult
 Jeremiah Scanlon   Left at arrival in Quebec  - adult
 Denis Swiney       Buttevant, Cork -adult
 Mary   Swiney      Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Margaret Swiney    Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Kitty Swiney       Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Joanna Swiney      Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Patrick Swiney     Buttevant, Cork-child
 Cornelius Swiney   Buttevant, Cork-child
 Nelly Swiney       Castlelyons, Cork-adult


 John Teskey             Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Anne Teskey             Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Joseph Teskey           Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Robert Teskey           Buttevant, Cork-adult
 John Teskey  	        Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Matthew Teskey          Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Eliza Teskey            Buttevant, Cork-adult
 Edward Teskey           Buttevant, Cork-child
 Albert Teskey           Buttevant, Cork-child
 Luke Teskey        	Buttevant, Cork  -child
 Thomas Teskey           Buttevant, Cork-child
 James Toughal           Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Ellen    Toughal        Doneraile, Cork-adult
 Betty Toughal           Doneraile, Cork-adult


 William Walsh   Mallow, Cork-adult
 Honora Walsh    Mallow, Cork-adult
 Michael White   Clogheen,    Tipperary -adult
 James White     Clogheen,    Tipperary-adult
 Richard Welsh   Clogheen,    Tipperary -adult
 Frances Welsh   Clogheen,    Tipperary-wife
 Anne Welsh      Clogheen,    Tipperary-child
 Mary Welsh      Clogheen,    Tipperary-child
 David Ward      Newmarket,   Cork-adult
 Ally Ward       Newmarket,   Cork-adult (wife)
 Nora Ward       Newmarket,   Cork-child
 Bess Ward       Newmarket,   Cork-child

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