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Passengers arriving onboard the Fortitude

This sub-page belongs to the main project Peter Robinson Settlers in Canada

Complete list all the 282 Irish emigrants who traveled from Cobh County Cork Ireland to Quebec onboard ship the Fortitude.

Passengers embarked on board of the Fortitude on 10th May 1825 and arrived at Quebec 15th June 1825 The emigrants proceeded from Quebec to Montreal aboard the steam boat New Swiftsure, on June 17th 1825.

Names with place of last residence & place where settled


 Martin    McAuliffe   age 44  labourer   Kilworth, Cork
 Catherine McAuliffe   age 44             Kilworth, Cork
 Martin    McAuliffe   age 24             Kilworth, Cork 
 Michael   McAuliffe   age 22             Kilworth, Cork        settled : Emily Township
 Catharine McAuliffe   age 20             Kilworth, Cork
 Margaret  McAuliffe   age 18             Kilworth, Cork
 John      McAuliffe   age 14             Kilworth, Cork
 Ellen     McAuliffe   age  5             Kilworth, Cork


 David   Bryan    age 32   farmer  Templetenny, Tipperary
 Anne    Bryan    age 34           Templetenny, Tipperary
 Kennedy Bryan    age 12           Templetenny, Tipperary        location unknown
 John    Bryan    age  8           Templetenny, Tipperary
 Kitty   Bryan    age  5           Templetenny, Tipperary

 Edmond  Burke    age 34   farmer  Mitchelstown,     Cork  
 Mary    Burke    age 26           Mitchelstown,     Cork
 Michael Burke    age 18           Mitchelstown,     Cork         settled : Marmora Township
 Mary    Burke    age  9           Mitchelstown,     Cork
 Bridget Burke    age  5           Mitchelstown,     Cork


 Michael Carew         age 34  farmer     Donaskeigh, Tipperary
 Anne    Carew         age 30             Donaskeigh, Tipperary
 Bridget Carew         age 14             Donaskeigh, Tipperary
 Patrick Carew         age  8             Donaskeigh, Tipperary settled: Ennismore Township
 Michael Carew         age  6             Donaskeigh, Tipperary
 John    Carew         age  4             Donaskeigh, Tipperary
 William Carew         age  2             Donaskeigh, Tipperary

 Dennis  McCarthy      age 50, labourer   Brigown,  Cork 
 Johanna McCarthy      age 40             Brigown,  Cork
 Mary    McCarthy      age 21             Brigown,  Cork
 Owen    McCarthy      age 17             Brigown,  Cork
 Patrick McCarthy      age 16             Brigown,  Cork         settled : Douro Township
 John    McCarthy      age 14             Brigown,  Cork
 William McCarthy      age 12             Brigown,  Cork
 Johanna McCarthy      age 10             Brigown,  Cork
 Ellen   McCarthy      age  8             Brigown,  Cork

 Thomas  McCarthy         age 28 labourer    Kilworth, Cork
 Mary    McCarthy         age 24             Kilworth, Cork        settled : Emily Township
 Ellen   McCarthy         age  2             Kilworth, Cork
 Jane sister to Mary      age 17             Kilworth, Cork   

 James   Casey         age 50   labourer  Kilbeheny, Limerick (died at arrival ?)
 Mary    Casey         age 46             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Maurice Casey         age 26             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Michael Casey         age 23             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Mary    Casey         age 20             Kilbeheny, Limerick      settled : Douro Township
 Judith  Casey         age 18             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Kitty   Casey         age 14             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 James   Casey         age 12             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Johanna Casey         age  8             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 John    Casey         age  4             Kilbeheny, Limerick

 John    Casey         age 38 labourer    Kilworth, Cork
 Mary    Casey         age 36             Kilworth, Cork
 Joanna  Casey         age  2             Kilworth, Cork
 Elizabeth             age 33             Kilworth, Cork (sister to Mary)

 James   Cunningham    age 32  labourer   Kilworth, Cork    
 Mary    Cunningham    age 35             Kilworth, Cork            settled : Emily Township
 Mary    Cunningham    age  6             Kilworth, Cork
 John    Cunningham    age  4             Kilworth, Cork

 James      Cotter        age 45  labourer   Brigown,  Cork 
 Ellen      Cotter        age 38             Brigown,  Cork
 Edmond     Cotter        age 33             Brigown,  Cork
 Maurice    Cotter        age 21             Brigown,  Cork
 Patrick    Cotter        age 21             Brigown,  Cork         settled : Douro Township
 Mary       Cotter        age 14             Brigown,  Cork
 Johanna    Cotter        age 12             Brigown,  Cork
 Catherine  Cotter        age  8             Brigown,  Cork
 Margaret   Cotter        age  7             Brigown,  Cork
 James      Cotter        age  3             Brigown,  Cork


 Mary    Dawson    age 40          Callan, Kilkenny 
 Patrick Dawson    age 18          Callan, Kilkenny
 Norah   Dawson    age 15          Callan, Kilkenny          settled : Emily Township
 Richard Dawson    age 10          Callan, Kilkenny

 John    Doody     age 32 farmer   Ballyhooly, Cork 
 Eliza   Doody     age 29          Ballyhooly, Cork
 Patrick Doody     age  8          Ballyhooly, Cork          settled :  Montreal
 Peggy   Doody     age  6          Ballyhooly, Cork
 Thomas  Doody     age  2          Ballyhooly, Cork

 Timothy Dorgan    age 40 labourer Mallow ,    Cork 
 Julia   Dorgan    age 34          Mallow,     Cork
 Daniel  Dorgan    age 19          Mallow,     Cork           settled : Emily Township
 Michael Dorgan    age 12          Mallow,     Cork
 John    Dorgan    age  6          Mallow,     Cork
 Patrick Dorgan    age  4          Mallow,     Cork

 Martin    Doran     age 40          Clonmel,    Tipperary 
 Mary      Doran     age 40          Clonmel,    Tipperary
 William   Doran     age 23          Clonmel,    Tipperary
 Mary      Doran     age 21          Clonmel,    Tipperary     settled : Emily Township
 Laurence  Doran     age 16          Clonmel,    Tipperary
 Catherine Doran     age 13          Clonmel,    Tipperary
 Daniel    Doran     age  3          Clonmel,    Tipperary


 John    Ellis            age 40 labourer          Callan, Kilkenny 
 Eliza   Ellis            age 35                   Callan, Kilkenny
 Mary    Ellis            age  9                   Callan, Kilkenny  settled : Emily Township
 Judith                   age 30  sister of Eliza  Callan, Kilkenny
 Ellen                    age 20  sister of Eliza  Callan, Kilkenny

 Michael  McElligott      age 33  shoemaker    Brigown, Cork 
 Abigail  McElligott      age 30               Brigown, Cork
 Mary     McElligott      age 10               Brigown, Cork          settled : Douro Township
 Margaret McElligott      age  4               Brigown, Cork
 Bridget  McElligott      age  2               Brigown, Cork


 James     O'Flaherty   age 50  labourer       Kilworth,Cork
 Mary      O'Flaherty   age 48                 Kilworth,Cork
 James     O'Flaherty   age 30                 Kilworth,Cork
 Michael   O'Flaherty   age 28                 Kilworth,Cork
 Ellen     O'Flaherty   age 29                 Kilworth,Cork     settled : Emily Township
 Patrick   O'Flaherty   age 28                 Kilworth,Cork
 Thomas    O'Flaherty   age 14                 Kilworth,Cork
 Denis     O'Flaherty   age  8                 Kilworth,Cork
 James     O'Flaherty   age  3                 Kilworth,Cork

 John      FitzGerald   age 33  reduced farmer  Affane, Waterford
 Mary      FitzGerald   age 32                  Affane, Waterford
 Catherine FitzGerald   age 13                  Affane, Waterford
 Bridget   FitzGerald   age 10                  Affane, Waterford  settled : Emily Township
 Mary      FitzGerald   age  7                  Affane, Waterford
 John      FitzGerald   age  5                  Affane, Waterford
 Margaret  FitzGerald   age  2                  Affane, Waterford


 James     Gould    age 30   farmer    Kilworth, Cork
 Mary      Gould    age 28             Kilworth, Cork
 James     Gould    age  5             Kilworth, Cork   settled : Emily Township
 John      Gould    age  3             Kilworth, Cork
 Catherine Gould    age  7             Kilworth, Cork
 Ellen     Gould    age  2             Kilworth, Cork


 William    Hegarty     age 30  labourer   Listowel,Kerry     (Died 25 Nov 1825)
 Catharine  Hegarty     age 30             Listowel,Kerry
 Ellen      Hegarty     age 12             Listowel,Kerry
 Catherine  Hegarty     age 10             Listowel,Kerry       settled : Emily Township
 John       Hegarty     age  6             Listowel,Kerry
 Mary       Hegarty     age  4             Listowel,Kerry
 Daniel     Hegarty     age  1             Listowel,Kerry

 William    O'Halloran  age 34  labourer   Dungarvan, Waterford
 Mary       O'Halloran  age 24             Dungarvan, Waterford
 Nelly      O'Halloran  age  6             Dungarvan, Waterford settled : Emily Township
 Peggy      O'Halloran  age  4             Dungarvan, Waterford

 John       Hartnett    age 46   farmer    Churchtown,Cork
 Catherine  Hartnett    age 40             Churchtown,Cork
 Margaret   Hartnett    age 23             Churchtown,Cork
 Eliza      Hartnett    age 21             Churchtown,Cork
 John       Hartnett    age 19             Churchtown,Cork
 Maurice    Hartnett    age 17             Churchtown,Cork
 Mary       Hartnett    age 14             Churchtown,Cork        settled : Emily Township
 Michael    Hartnett    age 13             Churchtown,Cork
 Honora     Hartnett    age 12             Churchtown,Cork
 Timothy    Hartnett    age  8             Churchtown,Cork
 Catherine  Hartnett    age  6             Churchtown,Cork
 Johanna    Hartnett    age  3             Churchtown,Cork




 Michael  Keane   age 25 barber     Brigown,  Cork
 Ellen    Keane   age 30            Brigown,  Cork
 John     Keane   age 16            Brigown,  Cork
 James    Keane   age 14            Brigown,  Cork            settled :Douro Township
 Margaret Keane   age 11            Brigown,  Cork
 Michael  Keane   age  5            Brigown,  Cork
 Mary     Keane   age  2            Brigown,  Cork

 Laurence Kent    age 43 farmer     Templetenny, Tipperary
 Mary     Kent    age 30            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Bridget  Kent    age 17            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Mitchell Kent    age 15            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Mary     Kent    age 15            Templetenny, Tipperary     settled : Otonobee Township
 Margaret Kent    age 13            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Kitty    Kent    age  8            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Maurice  Kent    age  6            Templetenny, Tipperary
 Honora   Kent    age  2            Templetenny, Tipperary


 Patrick   Leahy     age 40, farmer   Convamore, Cork 
 Catharine Leahy     age 14           Convamore, Cork           settled : Douro Township
 John      Leahy     age 13           Convamore, Cork

 Michael   Leahy     age 56  labourer Kilworth,   Cork
 Mary      Leahy     age 50           Kilworth,   Cork
 William   Leahy     Stakesby passenger 1823          
 John      Leahy     Stakesby passenger 1823
 Patrick   Leahy     age 23           Kilworth,   Cork
 Timothy   Leahy     age 19           Kilworth,   Cork           settled : Douro Township
 David     Leahy     age 17           Kilworth,   Cork
 Denis     Leahy     age 15           Kilworth,   Cork 
 Ellen     Leahy     age 14           Kilworth,   Cork
 Abigail   Leahy     age 13           Kilworth,   Cork
 Judith    Leahy     age 6            Kilworth,   Cork

 Michael   Lonergan  age 40           Templetenny, Tipperary 
 Mary      Lonergan  age 35           Templetenny, Tipperary
 Michael   Lonergan  age 25           Templetenny, Tipperary     settled : Otonabee Township
 John      Lonergan  age 22           Templetenny, Tipperary
 Margaret  Lonergan  age 20           Templetenny, Tipperary


 George    Mason       age 48  reduced farmer    Brigown,    Cork 
 James     Mason       age 23                    Brigown,    Cork 
 Charles   Mason       age 21                    Brigown,    Cork  settled : Asphodel Township
 Michael   Mason       age 19                    Brigown,    Cork 
 Bridget   Mason       age 15                    Brigown,    Cork 

 Richard   Meade       age 38  reduced farmer    Brigown,    Cork 
 Julia     Meade       age 30                    Brigown,    Cork
 Ellen     Meade       age 10                    Brigown,    Cork    settled : Douro Township
 Johanna   Meade       age  7                    Brigown,    Cork
 Mary      Meade       age  3                    Brigown,    Cork

 John      Moloney     age 40  reduced farmer    Ballyhooly, Cork 
 Maria     Moloney     age 30                    Ballyhooly, Cork
 Ellen     Moloney     age 13                    Ballyhooly, Cork
 Mary      Moloney     age 11                    Ballyhooly, Cork   settled : Ennismore Township
 Francis   Moloney     age  7                    Ballyhooly, Cork
 Hester    Moloney     age  5                    Ballyhooly, Cork
 Margaret  Moloney     age  2                    Ballyhooly, Cork

 John      Mulloney    age 50  labourer          Brigown,Cork
 Margaret  Mulloney    age 40                    Brigown,Cork
 Thomas    Mulloney    age 24                    Brigown,Cork
 Catherine Mulloney    age 19                    Brigown,Cork
 Mary      Mulloney    age 17                    Brigown,Cork        settled : Douro Township
 David     Mulloney    age 14                    Brigown,Cork
 Michael   Mulloney    age 12                    Brigown,Cork
 John      Mulloney    age 10                    Brigown,Cork
 James     Mulloney    age  8                    Brigown,Cork
 Edmond    Mulloney    age  4                    Brigown,Cork

 Edmond    Murphy      age 55  reduced farmer    Callan, Kilkenny 
 Mary      Murphy      age 52                    Callan, Kilkenny
 Denis     Murphy      age 27                    Callan, Kilkenny
 Patrick   Murphy      age 25                    Callan, Kilkenny     settled : Marmora Township
 Jeremiah  Murphy      age 22                    Callan, Kilkenny
 Margaret  Murphy      age 20                    Callan, Kilkenny
 Mary      Murphy      age 18                    Callan, Kilkenny
 Alicia    Murphy      age 16                    Callan, Kilkenny





 John    Quin       age 40  labourer  Kilbehenny, Cork
 Johanna Quin       age 25            Kilbehenny, Cork
 Thomas  Quin       age  7            Kilbehenny, Cork
 James   Quin       age  4            Kilbehenny, Cork        settled : Douro Township
 David   Quin       age  3            Kilbehenny, Cork
 Ellen   Quin       age  2            Kilbehenny, Cork


 Michael   Roche     age 44   labourer   Brigown,  Cork
 Maurice   Roche     age 23              Brigown,  Cork
 Ellen     Roche     age 21              Brigown,  Cork
 Patrick   Roche     age 19              Brigown,  Cork         settled :  Otonabee Township
 Kitty     Roche     age 17              Brigown,  Cork
 James     Roche     age 15              Brigown,  Cork


 John     Sargent   age 40   labourer Brigown, Cork
 Alicia   Sargent   age 32            Brigown, Cork
 Thomas   Sargent   age 17            Brigown, Cork
 Phillip  Sargent   age 14            Brigown, Cork
 Margaret Sargent   age 15            Brigown, Cork             settled : Otonabee Township
 John     Sargent   age 12            Brigown, Cork
 Jane     Sargent   age  7            Brigown, Cork
 William  Sargent   age  5            Brigown, Cork
 James    Sargent   age  2            Brigown, Cork

 John    Sheehan    age 32  farmer   Ballyclough, Cork
 Mary    Sheehan    age 26           Ballyclough, Cork
 William Sheehan    age  7           Ballyclough, Cork          settled : Emily Township
 John    Sheehan    age  6           Ballyclough, Cork
 Mary    Sheehan    age  4           Ballyclough, Cork
 Daniel  Sheehan    age  1           Ballyclough, Cork

 John     Sliney    age 37   farmer  Kilworth, Cork  (died 24 Mar 1826)
 Mary     Sliney    age 34           Kilworth, Cork
 Johanna  Sliney    age 16           Kilworth, Cork
 Mary     Sliney    age 14           Kilworth, Cork
 John     Sliney    age 13           Kilworth, Cork
 Edward   Sliney    age 11           Kilworth, Cork             settled : Emily Township
 William  Sliney    age  9           Kilworth, Cork
 Margaret Sliney    age  6           Kilworth, Cork
 Thomas   Sliney    age  5           Kilworth, Cork 
 Patrick  Sliney    age  4     	    Kilworth, Cork      
 James    Sliney    age  2           Kilworth, Cork
 Michael  Sliney    age  1           Kilworth, Cork    
 Infant   Sliney    age  0           Kilworth, Cork

 James    Slattery  age 35  farmer   Mitchelstown,Cork   
 Mary     Slattery  age 16           Mitchelstown,Cork
 John     Slattery  age 14           Mitchelstown,Cork          settled :  Otonabee Township
 Norah    Slattery  age 12           Mitchelstown,Cork
 Bridget  Slattery  age 10           Mitchelstown,Cork
 Alice    Slattery  age  7           Mitchelstown,Cork


 John     Tobin    age 55  labourer   Kilbeheny, Limerick  
 Ellen    Tobin    age 52             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Thomas   Tobin    age 30             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Mary     Tobin    age 28             Kilbeheny, Limerick           settled :  Douro Township
 Ellen    Tobin    age 26             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Johanna  Tobin    age 24             Kilbeheny, Limerick
 Ellen    Tobin    age  1             Kilbeheny, Limerick




 Patrick   Walsh       age 40    Farmer      Kilworth, Cork 
 Ellen     Walsh       age 30                Kilworth, Cork
 John      Walsh       age 14                Kilworth, Cork
 Peggy     Walsh       age 11                Kilworth, Cork         settled :  Emily Township
 Mary      Walsh       age  9                Kilworth, Cork
 Catherine Walsh       age  7                Kilworth, Cork
 Ellen     Walsh       age  5                Kilworth, Cork
 Mitchell  Walsh       age  5                Kilworth, Cork

 Michael    White      Hebe passenger 1823                     
 Joan White Pope       age 40              Clogheen, Tipperary (wife of Michael White)
 Patrick    White      age 16              Clogheen, Tipperary      
 Cornelius  White      age 14              Clogheen, Tipperary
 Mick       White      age 12              Clogheen, Tipperary      settled : Ottawa
 Thomas     White      age 10              Clogheen, Tipperary
 David      White      age  6              Clogheen, Tipperary
 Alley      White      age  2              Clogheen, Tipperary