Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

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Descendants of Mexican War Veterans P.O. Box 830482 Richardson, TX 75083-0482

Adult full membership is available to individuals of good moral character, who are at least eighteen years old, and who qualify in one of the following ways:

  1. lineal or collateral descent from a U.S. veteran who rendered honorable service in the war with Mexico for any length of time between April 25, 1846 and August 2, 1848,
  2. from a civilian employee of the U.S. armed forces who served during the Mexican War as a teamster, laundress, steamboat hand, etc.,
  3. from a veteran of General Zachary Taylor's "Army of Occupation" in Texas from July 1845 to April 1846,
  4. from a veteran of Col. John Colonel Fremont's 1845-1846 expedition to California
  5. from a California "Bear Flag Revolt" participant.

The descendants of any person who deserted the service of the United States of America and subsequently took up arms against the same are ineligible for full membership but may apply in the associate category.

Associate Members are men and women at least eighteen years of age, who have an interest in the Mexican War and who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the society.

Junior Members are those otherwise eligible as Full Members who are under eighteen years of age.

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