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This entry was originally written by Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FUGA, FGBS, FASG, in Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.

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Delaware has only three counties, the smallest number of any state. Most of the earlier records and many into the twentieth century have been transferred to the Delaware Public Archives, although some counties have microfilms of transferred material. Records of land conveyance are found in the county recorder of deeds’ offices. Estates are in the office of the register of wills where files are maintained from 1925. The first column below indicates the map coordinate. The second column gives the name of the county and the mailing address of the recorder of deeds. The third column shows the date the county was created and from what county or district. The earliest date of recording of a county deed is listed in the fourth column. The fifth column shows the date the first estate was recorded, followed by the year the Orphans’ Court records begin, and then the mailing address of the register of wills, if different from that of the recorder. The prothonotary is the clerk with custody of such records as divorces (to 1975), and civil and criminal court matters. For births, marriages, and deaths recorded by the counties, see Delaware Vital Records.

Map County County Address Date Formed Parent County(ies) Deeds Orphans Court Register of Wills
Deale 1670 (as Whorekill; renamed Deale, 1680; renamed Sussex, 1682)
E6 Kent 414 Federal St, Dover 19901-3605 1680 (as St. Jones; renamed, 1682) Whorekill 1680 1681/1766
A6 New Castle 800 French St., 4th Floor, Wilmington 19801-3590 1664( named New Amstel, 1672-73) original 1676 1682/1742 800 French St, 2d floor
St. Jones 1680 (renamed Kent, 1682)
G7 Sussex Courthouse on Cir. Rm 213/P.O. Box 505, Georgetown 19947-0505 1670 (as Whorekill; renamed Deale, 1680; renamed Sussex, 1682) New Castle 1693 1683/1728 P.O. Box 111 Georgetown 19947-0111
Whorekill (Horekill) 1670 (renamed Deale,1680;renamed Sussex, 1682