Counties of Vermont

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Town Address Date Formed Claims/Other Names County Map Parent County Probate District Court District
Addison 65 VT Rt. 17 W, Vergennes 05491 1761 N.H. none Addison (9)RutlandAddisonAddison
Albany 980 Main St., P.O. Box 284, Albany 05820 1782 Vt.LuterlohOrleans (15)ChittendenOrleansOrleans
Alburg 1 N. Main St., P.O. Box 346, Alburg 05440 1781 Vt. Allenburg Grand Isle (1) Franklin Grand IsleGrand Isle
Andover953 Weston-Andover Rd., Andover 05143 1761 N.H.noneWindsor (22)noneWindsorWindsor
Arlington3828 VT Rt 2A, P.O. Box 304, Arlington 052501761 N.H. noneBennington (8)noneManchesterBennington
Averill (unorganized)none1762 N.H.noneEssex (5)OrangeEssexEssex
Avery’s Gorenone1791–96 Vt.Essex (4)OrangeEssexnone
Bakersfield15 E. Bakersfield, Box 203, Bakersfield 054411791 Vt.Knoulton’s GoreFranklin (11)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Baltimore49 Harris Rd., Chester 051431793 Vt.part of CavendishWindsor (19)noneWindsorWindsor
Barnard115 N. Rd., P.O. Box 274, Barnard 050311761 N.H.noneWindsor (7)noneHartfordWindsor
BarnetP.O. Box 15, Barnet 058211763 N.H.noneCaledonia (15)OrangeCaledoniaCaledonia
Barre City6 N. Main St., P.O. Box 418, Barre 056411894 Vt.Barre TownWashington (19)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Barre Town149 Websterville Rd., Box 124, Websterville 056781781 Vt.WildersburghWashington (13)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Barton34 Main St., P.O. Box 657, Barton 058221789 Vt.ProvidenceOrleans (13)OrangeOrleansOrleans
Belvidere3996 VT Rt 109, Belvidere Center 054421791 Vt.noneLamoille (1)FranklinLamoilleLamoille
Bennington205 South St., Bennington 052011749 N.H.N.Y. 1768/N.Y. 1762 Hoosick/MapletonBennington (12)noneBenningtonBennington
BensonP.O. Box 163, Benson 057311780 Vt.noneRutland (3)BenningtonFair HavenRutland
Berkshire4454 Watertown Rd., Enosburg 05450 1781 Vt.noneFranklin (3)ChittendenFranklinFranklin
Berlin108 Shed Rd., Montpelier 056021763 N.H.noneWashington (12)OrangeWashingtonWashington
Bethel134 S. Main St., Box 404, Bethel 050321779 Vt.noneWindsor (2)noneHartfordWindsor
BloomfieldP.O. Box 336, N. Stratford, NH 035901762 N.H.MineheadEssex (9)OrangeEssexEssex
Bolton3045 Theodore Roosevelt Hwy, Waterbury 056761763 N.H.noneChittenden (7)AddisonChittendenChittenden
Bradford172 N. Main, P.O. Box 339, Bradford 050331770 N.Y.MooretownOrange (7)noneBradfordOrange
Braintree932 VT Rt. 12A, Randolph 050601781 Vt.noneOrange (13)RutlandRandolphOrange
Brandon49 Center St., Brandon 057331761 N.H.NeshobeRutland (2)BenningtonRutlandRutland
Brattleboro230 Main St., Brattleboro 053011753 N.H.N.Y. 1766Windham (19)noneMarlboroWindham
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