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<strong>[ Keying Standards]
<strong>[ Keying Standards]
<strong>[ Review Instructions]
[ Review Instructions]
[ Arbitration Instructions]
[ Arbitration Instructions]

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Minutes of your time could help preserve decades.

The Ancestry World Archives Project is a collaborative effort that has allowed thousands of people around the world to help preserve history that would otherwise be lost. Would you like to give back to the genealogy community? Help families discover more of their stories and share them with future generations?

The Ancestry World Archives Project lets you help us bring free historical record collections to the public. Contributors become the first to see new collections as they type in information that creates searchable record indexes.

Click here to download the Keying Tool.
If you are having difficulties downloading the keying tool click here.

Keying Standards
Review Instructions
Arbitration Instructions
Tips for Completing an Image Set
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