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Hello I'm looking for any info on John henry Shea and his wife Mary Ellen Leary. john was born 1801 in Ireland. Mary born 1801 ireland. any info accepted with a big Thank You. E-mail

Jacob Davidse Schuyler

Jacob Davidse Schuyler Born: 24 March 1734 Where: Schooley, Mtn. N.J. Married: (1) Eve Swackhamer (1730-1781), abt. 1754 . Catherine Schuyler was the 4th of 12 children of this marriage. (2) Widower Jacob D. Schuyler married Sarah Douglas Fancher, widow of Richard Fancher ( ii), on 22 October, 1785. Data are from “The Fancher Family” by William Hoyt Fancher, 1947, The Cabinet Press, Milford, N.H., 144pp. Died: 3 October, 1807 Where: Minaville, Montgomery Co., N.Y.

It is entirely unclear whether Jacob D. Schuyler had any role in the Revolutionary War. “Jacob Schuyler , b. 4-29-1734, d.11-3-1807, m.Effie Swackhammer(sic), 2Maj NJ”, is listed in the “DAR Patriot Index “ published by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Wash., D.C., 1966: pg. 598. The Schuyler-Swackhamer combination is sufficiently similar to the DAR listing, and unique, to make an intriguing claim. However, there is no individual named Jacob Schuyler on Fold3 lists of Revolutionary War Service Records for N.J., Revolutionary War Pension Records for N.J., Revolutionary War Service and Imprisonment Cards for N.J., nor Revolutionary War Naval Service Records for N.J. There is, however, a listing of a Jacob Shuler , Second Major, “Western Battalion” Morris Co., June 21, 1782, on pp. 346 and 369 of the ”Official register of the officers and men of New Jersey in the revolutionary war”: (1872). Author: New Jersey. Adjutant-General's Office; Stryker, William Scudder, 1838-1900. Interestingly, there is no Jacob Schuyler mentioned in that text, but in like manner, there is no mention of a Jacob Shuler in the DAR Indices. It is unlikely that Jacob D. Schuyler and Jacob Shuler represent a phonetic misspelling. There is a Jacob Shuler named as a church deacon in Long Valley, Morris Co., N.J. during the Revolutionary War period (Tercentenary Days, the Washington Township Historical Society, 1964: pg. 20 ) . Perhaps this is the type of citizen that would be named 2nd Major in the local militia. More definitive information is required to provide any linkage of Jacob D. Schuyler to service in the Revolutionary war. Confusion exists because Jacob is a common name in the Schuyler family and several references exist about soldiers named Jacob Schuyler in the area where Jacob D. Schuyler eventually settled. For example, a Jacob Schuyler is listed as a 1776 member of the First Regiment Tryon, N.Y., “New York in the Revolution as a Colony and State”, Vol. I- Extracts; Publication Place: Albany, New York; Publisher: J.B. Lyon Co. 1904: pg 174. A Jacob Schuyler was also listed as having been taken prisoner by the enemy in Tryon Co., N.Y, on Feb. 20, 1782, (First Battalion of Pennsylvania Troops, Microfilm M246 Reel 80, Jacket 2, Roll 16:pp. 52-58 (Clinton Papers 7407-9). This Jacob Schuyler is a member of the extended family, was born abt. 1754 and died in 1825 , and his role in the Revolution has been summarized ( This Jacob Schuyler is also identified on a 21 Aug. 1781 deposition as having been taken prisoner while being a member of Clyde's New York Regiment (National Archives and Record Service, GSA, Washington, D.C.). There is also some confusion as to when Jacob D. Schuyler actually moved from New Jersey to New York. It is worthy of note that all of Richard Fancher's (ii) and Sarah Douglas Fancher's children were born in Roxbury N.J. (from 1756- 1778) , and that Richard (ii) died in Roxbury, N.J., in 1778 ( Data are from “The Fancher Family” by William Hoyt Fancher, 1947, The Cabinet Press, Milford, N.H., 144pp.). It seems plausible that Jacob D. Schuyler, who was born in N.J., married Sarah Douglas Fancher in 1785 in N.J., and then moved to N.Y. Note this was after the Revolutionary War was terminated. A Jacob Schuyler is listed as a resident of Mohawk, Tryon, N.Y., in the 1790 Federal Census of New York State: Publ. Place: Wash., D.C., 1908; pg. 111; as a 1792 resident of Montgomery, N.Y., in the N.Y. Genealogical and Biographical Record (quart.-1925)-Extracts: N.Y. Genealogical and Biological Society: pg. 147; as a 1806 resident of Montgomery, N.Y. (same reference: pg.156): and as dying in Montgomery, N.Y. about 1807 (same reference: pg.192). Data sourced from Ancestry.Com. These references seem to be in the right time frame, especially the death date, and could pertain to Jacob D. Schuyler.