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Looking For Other Greedy Family Members & Bashford Family Members

Mom's Side of the Family  is the Bashford family the farthest I've gotten on this side is My Great Grandfarther his name is Lorenzo W. Bashford..This is my mom's Dad'd dad Her Mom's family Name is Trafford  No luck with that line as of yet. but we already have research on that side. We don't have Hardly Anything on the Bashford's and it's gotten a little more important now that we have another generation we need to pass the information on to, My brother and his wife have a daughter whose almost a year old and I'm trying to get as much info. as I can and get it All together  Mom and Grand daughter. but the project is not getting my full attention with my Masters Course.  So Any and all Help would be Greatly Appreciated!!.  Thanks!!

Take Care & Noblesse Oblige,

Jill R. Greedy

The coming of this article, let me see that the generation former matters are to be aimed in the necessary contradictions, and therefore, we should not let to see that the commandments on the family is a need that we do see in the options in the revelation of the family. In days, relatives are difficult to associate with, on the general apostles that we do see here in these days. In the former need of the actions, we should not let to commune that the necessary actions are here in order to heal a situation that we do see here in the relevant matters of opinion. Family matters have healed, in sort kind that we can come together and seek the deputate of the situation and as such, we with will rest in a good syste that we can depend with on order.

Jadira F. Norton

ST Cin family Tree- France

My wife's family from Kansas City, Mo with her great grand father name St Cin. There are references his birth was in France, southern part. Cannot frind any docuements of him entering the US.

My family history started in Natchitoches Louisiana which my my grandmother had a child name Howard Fields by Andrew Fields and I will really love the opportunity to meet my family my grandfather created, and see where my grandmother was born, raised, had children before moving away. I quite understand this is probabably a history path most are reluctant to go down, however, it does not change the fact that my father has brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, neices and nephews, cousins, which we have never had the chance to meet. I am 42 years old and family is the most important thing to me and before my time come to meet my maker, I'd cherrish with honor to be able to meet my family. I understand so much time has passed us by, but our blood still remains. None of us were asked to be born, but now we are here by the grace of GOD, I'd give almost anything to see a part of my roots.

Everything in this mentions are my feels for such a long time. We have so longhid behind closed doors to our past and it's now time to open the doors without shame or resentment. Please, if anyone out there reads this and will like to talk, meet and greet, I welcome it into my heart. I'm certain I'm not the only one who will ike to know the history of our parents, great grandparents and so on. Even if we leave the horrific events during the eary 1900's on back, we can at least share what we have which wa a result of those events. we may not agree or like the those days but we can know each other and learn to love each other before our days are ended.

Please contact me with any information that will lead me to the family I've never known which was started by my grandfather, Mr. Andrew Fields whom he fathered a child with C.D. by the name of Howward Licoln Fields. If there is someone out there with any information, please contact me at or 816-912-1738, thank you dearly,

Juanita Sharmaine Tucker.

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