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The wiki is designed to help you better understand topics, trends, and technologies in family history, not to help you find specific names on your family tree. Content in the wiki will reflect this.

The principle of content suggests the quality and nature of content posted to the wiki.

Acceptable Content

The Family History Wiki is a source of reference material. Its content should help you understand some topic better, learn how to do something, or help you put details in your family history quest in context. In short, it should help you become a better family historian.

As a guideline for the kind of content you should add to the wiki, consider the two foundational texts on which the wiki was built:

  • The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy is considered one of the most important reference guides in genealogy. Written and edited by some of the top genealogists in the world, The Source explores methodology, record types, ethnicities, and more, helping you in all stages of your research. If you're not sure where to start, The Source can help you figure out what research avenues are best suited to your needs and experience. If you've found success, The Source can make it richer by helping you better understand the resources involved.
  • Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources offers an incredibly in-depth discussion of what records and research opportunities are available in each state of the United States. Again, compiled by talented and experienced genealogists, Red Book will help you take your research from the macro to the micro level by helping you track down those elusive county and town records, many of which are still not available online.

The nature of these two books should direct content on the wiki. (Remember these books are open for the community to update, edit, and add to.)

In addition to reference material, how-to material is also appropriate. Namespaces have been set aside for content dealing specifically with, RootsWeb, and Family Tree Maker.

Note that surname pages that explore the history and geography of a surname are fine, so long as they do not include family trees or other information specific to a person.

Unacceptable Content

In keeping with the principle of content, please do not add the following kinds of material:

  • Information requests
  • Family trees
  • Personal stories
  • Inappropriate or offensive material
  • Pornographic material
  • Irrelevant material

Before you add any content, ask yourself if you think this content will help the community at large. Does it help someone become a better family historian? If it is designed to help only you, don't include it.

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