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My Father was in the Battle of the Bulge captured and marched back into the interior of Germany. My father never talked of his time spent there and would not answer questions. I have learned since his death that he was held in Bad Orb Germany in Stallag 9B. It was a forced labor camp, I believe digging underground tunnels for the purpose of escape (Germans) from the advancing American, and Russian troops. I have a news paper article printed April 12, 1945 in which he is the headline, hearlding his being freed by the Russians. I can not find any infomation on his ordeal while being there, nor any documents that he is listed on as being there. The U.S. Army records are the only documentation that I find where he is listed as being there. I am hoping that you will include not only people of European descent, but records that will allow those of us who had family members that were marred and shaped by this chapter of history. We too wonder what happened, and where to turn for records that we ca not find. The not knowing is a gnawing and desire to find out who my father was. His brother was killed in action in the Phillipines, there is no one in his family left to ask. World War 2 is also part of our history.