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Feel free to add to or edit information in this discussion tab as necessary.  Please take time to become familiar with the General Keying Standards and be sure to read all instructions on the main project page.  (Please note that in case of a discrepancy, project level instructions always trump general keying standards.) For instructions on posting a message on the wiki refer to this article.

Extra Keying Helps

Marital Status in Polish

stan cywilny (marital status)

kawaler, panna, wolny, wolna (single)

żonaty, mężatka, zamężna (married)

wdowiec (widower)

rozwiedzony, rozwódka, rozwodnik, (divorced)

wdowa (widow)

Common Occupations I have seen: We can build on this as we go.

służąca: maid

służący: servant

uczeń: student/apprentice

szewski: shoemaker

pomocnica domowa: housemaid

nauczyciel/nauczycielka: teacher

przy meżu/przy mężu: with husband/with her husband

zakonnica: nun

bezrobotnych: unemployed

pracownica domowa: domestic worker

introligator: bookbinder

ślusarz: locksmith

handlowiec/kupiec: trader

inżynier: engineer

małoletni: minor

Here is a link to some more Polish occupations. [[1]]

Polish Alphabet.png

Common Keying Errors Found by Reviewers

Reviewers: Please list common errors, so keyers may improve. Thank you. -Rebecca 8 May 2014

Some keyers use period/full stop (.) We do not use. Just lieave an empty space.

Special charcters are not being used or keyers use special characters not found in the Polish or German lanugage.

keyers mix up the population page one with citizens questionaire.

parents names are not keyed.

Population page 1 childrens (dieczi) names date and place of birth are not entered. Population Page 1 and Residence Page 1 father and mother names are not entered/

Many errors culd be avoided if keyers would refer to the examples on the wiki.

It is not an easy project because of the different form types. I do not speak, read or write polish, but with consulting the wiki very closely and referring to guides and practice it is possible to become excellent at keying this project. I also have google translate open all the time and refer items that I am not sure about.

I have noticed that some keyers have become very good.

Do not forget the comma dividing towns and provinces.--Elisabeth power 08:48, 31 January 2015 (UTC)

If month appears as a number in this project, key number as seen. -Rebecca 26 Feb 2015

Some keyers are only keying the Ź or ziet when they should be keying the Ż or żet when required. For example, I keep seeing Źonaty when it should be Żonaty. Please check Polish dictionaries and Google translate. -Rebecca 4 Mar 2015

Questions and Answers

1. re: Population Card Page 1. According to the instruction surnames for Father & Mother to Head can be foud in the row labeled "Imiona rodzicow;" in the column labeled "Mezczyzna." This field contains both parents' given names but not both parents' surnames only woman's maiden name (nazwisko panieńskie). What should we enter in the surname field for Father to Head? Should we mark it blank? This question applies to Father & Mother to Spouse as well. And what about children's surnames? There're not listed anywhere as well. mieszkow '

A: For keying surnames the general standards apply.
1. If the primary individual is male the Father's surname should be entered as the same surname.
2. If the primary individual is female and their maiden name is known the Father's surname would be entered as the maiden name.
3. If mother's surnames are not clear the field should be left empty.
4. Children's surnames can be inferred from their father's surname.

re: Krakow Street Names.

2. Is there a listing of street names for Krawkow which I can check for accuracy. Since the handwriting is not allways easy to read, it would be nice to have something to refer to. The Street Address field does not auto-populate suggestions like the Surname or Given fields do.
I use the following link for Krakow Streets,map.html#photos

3. Population Card Page 1 question- Since the whole document is in Polish, shouldn't we be keying birth months also in Polish? The directions for Population card Page 1 only give German months. -Rebecca 15 April 2014

A: Rebecca, We typically state what language to key the months but since there isn't it should be keyed with the standard English 3 letter abbreviation. (We will normalize all of the entries so the most important thing is to get the correct month, regardless of language or abbreviations.)Annafechter 18:34, 29 April 2014 (UTC)

3a. Q: So just for clarification, as a reviewer, would it be OK for the Population Page 1 and Residence Page 1 to let months be keyed in German or English as long as keyers have correct month keyed since these pages are all in Polish? I have been letting months keyed in German (because that is all that is in the drop-down dictionary) go through as long as they were correct, since you stated that all months are normalized later. I do not want to unnecessarily ding keyers if it is fine by WAP. -Rebecca 25 Feb 2015

A: Yes, either is acceptable.Annafechter 19:05, 17 March 2015 (UTC)

4. Q: I have a Karta Wymeldowania which I am presuming is a Residential Questionnaire. It details a Catholic family moving from Krakow to Warsaw. Do I create two records one showing their move from the ghetto area address and one for their new Warsaw address.

A: No, key them only once with the first address that is noted on the record.

5. Q: Similarly to question 1, I have a parents names field showing only given names no surnames. do you want me to create a new record for each parent?

Someone's previous answer: If you can determine that the individual is a male you can copy down the surname. If you can determine that the individual is a female and a maiden name is given (which makes it easier to determine gender) that can be copied down as the father/mother surname.

5a. Q: Wouldn't this be inferring information if we copied down the surname for father and mother of head (or of any children listed) when it is not in the parent's or children's rows? I have seen many times in keying some of these records that last names within a family differ (ritual marriages not recognized as official marriages, etc.) -Rebecca 29 April 2014

A: If there is a father's surname listed the children's surname would be inferred from his surname. And if a woman's maiden name is listed we would infer her father's surname as being the same as her maiden name. Refer to the Keying standard on keying surnames found here.Annafechter 09:59, 3 March 2015 (UTC)

6. According to wiki instructions for keying addresses, it says to only key street name and number. So am I understanding correctly that we ignore the wohnung number? For example, key Pędzichów 13, NOT Pędzichów 13/15 Rebecca 11 Aug 2014

A: If the address is listed as Pędzichów 13/15 that is what you would enter in the Street Address field. I will have the instructions updated to be more clear of what should be keyed and how. Annafechter 01:14, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

7. Q: Sometimes for birth location, there will be a district (powiat) written after the town. For example we will see printed on the document Zagórze pow Wieliczka as the birth location. Should we key as seen or should we drop the pow, p, powiat and just use a comma between the town and district? -Rebecca 25 Feb 2015
A to Q 7 I have not keyed pow or powiat and replaced it by a komma. I also review that way.--Elisabeth power 09:28, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

8. Q: This is a question regarding the Police Log. I have rarely seen marital status in German on these logs. Marital status is usually in Polish. In the instructions, it only shows how the marital status should be keyed in full (even if abbreviated) if it is in German. If it is in Polish, should it be keyed in Polish in full? If it is abbreviated, should we leave it abbreviated in Polish or key it in full in Polish? -Rebecca 26 Feb 2015

A Police Log: key as seen whatever language the marital status is in. If you look at the header there is an example how to spell the marital status in polish.--Elisabeth power 17:00, 27 February 2015 (UTC)

9. Q: If ID number has Roman numerals in front of it. Do you want it keyed as seen? For example, II/12345. Or do you want the Roman numerals dropped? -Rebecca 3 March 2015

A: Yes, key as seen. Annafechter 19:05, 17 March 2015 (UTC)


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