Death Records 1837-1983

These will give you a summary of deaths from the beginning of Civil Registration in 1837 to 1983 - which is the most current year.

When a death is registered a certificate is filled out and given to the person who reported it. The registration information is kept on file and added to the summary register, or Index, of all the events. As in books, the Index won't tell you everything, but will give you key information, such as names, dates (specifically quarters) as well as a reference where you can discover more - in this case, a death certificate.

What can the Death Indexes tell me?

You can get so much from a single line of text. First, there's the excitement of finally tracking down your ancestor. You can discover basic details about them, as well as attach the official record to their entry in your family tree.

You can discover their age at the time of death (but remember, this may not be 100% accurate, as the person who gives that information may not be a close relative). You can also find out where the death was registered (this may not necessarily be where your ancestor was living at the time - as people can die at any time, in any place).

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A brief history of the Death Indexes

The formal registration of deaths in England and Wales began on 1st July 1837 with the introduction of Civil Registration. Before this, each individual parish was responsible for maintaining their own Parish register - so for events before 1837, check our Parish Records.

While Civil Registration was meant to bring all deaths together in one place, it's important to know that registration was only made compulsory by law in 1875. So if you can't find your pre-1875 ancestors here, this could be why.

Search our Death Index collection

There are different Death Index collections to search, depending on what period in history you're searching. Using the right collection will help you get a better search result.


If you're looking for deaths between 1837 and 1915 search the FreeBMD collections. There is also a separate collection for deaths between 1984 and 2005. These collections provide individual matches when you search. For deaths between 1916 and 1983, however, your search will take you to an individual Index page, where you can then search for your ancestor's details. For any deaths before 1837, you should be searching through the Parish Registers, which you can find in our Parish Records collection.

What's my next step?

To help you go further back in your family history, you can order a death certificate direct from us. This will give you additional vital information - including full name of deceased, date and place of death, cause of death, name and details of the person who reported the death - and much more

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I'm new to all this. What do I do first?

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