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Imagine helping families find out what happened to loved ones lost during the Holocaust. Through the World Memory Project, you can make information from historical records searchable online for free — so that family members of victims and survivors of Nazi persecution can discover missing relatives and facts about their past. Just a few minutes of your time could make a world of difference to someone else.

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Here's how you can make a difference

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum creates digital images of historical documents that you can view online. You download special software developed by for the World Archives Project, an established community that has spent years helping to preserve historical documents and make them available online for free. This software allows you to simply type or "key” information from the digital images into an online searchable database.

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Here’s how you can help:

  • Start by downloading the free keying software.
  • Choose a collection from the list of available projects
  • Follow the instructions on screen to key information from a collection, one document at a time
  • Rest assured that every document will be keyed twice, then checked by an experienced keyer for accuracy

See the impact the World Memory Project can have on families.
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