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Find your family’s happy
couple on their big day.

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Occupation, street address, etc.

Maiden names and more: what’s in a marriage record?

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Watch our
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Learn how to get more details out of your family’s marriage records.

First came love. Then came marriage. Now what?

Take the facts you learn from marriage records and see what else you can learn.

Maiden names

Trace the bride’s side of the family


Look for announcements in newspapers


Find family members, friends and neighbors


Discover earlier events in the area

Find your global brides and grooms.

Learn how to search outside the U.S. for your family’s marriages.

Census records

Look for ancestors with international birthplaces

Passenger lists

Check for clues about marital status when they arrived

Tip: Married couples with children often immigrated separately allowing the husband to settle first.

First came love. Then came marriage
(or maybe a few of them).

Review dates in records you previously found for clues to multiple marriages.

1930 census - age at last birthday

Note the difference in age of the husband and wife in 1930

1930 census - age at first marriage

Compare their difference in age at first marriage

If the difference in their ages in 1930 doesn’t match their difference in ages at first marriage, you may want to look for previous marriages.

The story of them is the story of you.

The men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers in your story all led to the same thing: you.

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