Special Terms and Conditions for Gift Memberships:

You may purchase a Gift Membership to Ancestry.com, that is, a Membership paid for by you, “the Purchaser,” to be used by someone else, “the Recipient.” The purchase of a Gift Membership will result in the generation of a unique access code by Ancestry.com that will allow the Recipient to access an activated Gift Membership. You as the Purchaser will choose the date on which the Gift Membership will activate when you purchase it. Please keep in mind that this activation date must be within 90 days of the date on which you purchase the Gift Membership. The purchase of a Gift Membership requires the Purchaser to register with Ancestry.com, after which all Terms and Conditions applicable to Ancestry.com registrants will apply.


Purchasing a Gift Membership:

Gift Memberships may be purchased only at Ancestry.com and only for the Membership time periods offered at the time of purchase. Specific terms and conditions set forth in the purchase process may apply. Gift Memberships, unlike other Ancestry.com Memberships, are non-renewing and allow access to Ancestry.com by the Recipient only from the time of activation to the end of the time period purchased.


Accessing a Gift Membership:

The Gift Membership will be activated on the activation date chosen by the Purchaser, whether the Recipient accesses the Membership on that date, a later date or never. On this activation date, Ancestry.com will send an email to the Recipient at the email address provided for the Recipient by the Purchaser at the time of purchase, including a code the Recipient can use to access the activated Gift Membership. Ancestry.com will also send a copy of this email to the Purchaser.

Ancestry.com is not responsible and assumes no liability for non-delivery of an email because of an invalid address, spam filters or any other reason. The Purchaser is solely responsible for announcing the Gift Membership to the Recipient prior to the activation date if the Purchaser wishes to have the gift announced in some way other than by the email from Ancestry.com providing the access code to the Recipient on the activation date.

The Recipient may use the access code provided to access an activated Gift Membership at any time during the active period of the Gift Membership. This active period begins on the activation date chosen by the Purchaser at the time of purchase and finishes at the end of the time period selected by the Purchaser, whether or not the Recipient has accessed the Gift Membership. Upon first access, the Recipient will become a Member of Ancestry.com and all rights and conditions set forth in the Ancestry.com Terms and Conditions will apply.


Refunds and Cancellations:

Refunds on Gift Memberships are subject to the same rules that apply to other Ancestry.com Memberships and are available only to the Purchaser, not the Recipient. A Gift Membership may be cancelled at any time but no refund will be made except as outlined above.



Ancestry.com is not responsible for loss or misuse of Gift Membership access codes. Please do not purchase Gift Memberships for Recipients who are already Members of Ancestry.com (or other Ancestry.com services or web sites) as we cannot combine Ancestry.com Gift Memberships with other Memberships or services — nor can we use Gift Memberships to extend or upgrade other Memberships or services. Gift Memberships have no cash value or other value and can only be used to access the service for which they are purchased during the purchased time period. Questions concerning Gift Memberships? Please contact Ancestry.com Customer Service by email at support@ancestry.com or by phone at 1–800–ANCESTRY (1-800-262–3787) between 9am and 11pm ET daily. These Special Terms are in addition to and do not replace the general Terms and Conditions for Ancestry.com.