Welcome to the Ancestry is the world’s largest online family history resource. Our mission is to help everyone discover, preserve, and share their family history. We recognize that your family history includes personal information about you and your family, so protecting your privacy is at the core of what we do.


These are our privacy principles:


Help you share your family history research safely
We believe that the entire family history community benefits when people share their family history. You may discover new stories about your ancestors—or even find a cousin or two—while your tree may help another member fill gaps in their family tree. We recognize that the information about living family members can be sensitive so we have safeguards to protect living individuals, for example by hiding living individuals within family trees.


Give you choices about what and how you share
When you share information within the Ancestry Community, we believe you should always have meaningful choices of how you share information. You should be able to manage what people can learn about you, what content they can see, and even how you can be contacted.


Give you credit for your contributions
We want you to get credit and recognition for the content you share with the Ancestry Community. Information, including videos and photos, you post on the site may be linked to your profile, even if others copy what you have shared. This lets others know who the original source of the material is.  


Keep privacy features and policies clear and simple
We want to be clear and transparent about how we use personal information and how we put you in control. We want you to understand what personal information we collect, what we do with it, and how you can control your privacy settings.


Be responsible with the information you entrust to us
We know how valuable your family history is. We employ a variety of technical and organizational measures to protect personal information so you’ll feel safe preserving and sharing information within the Ancestry Community.


We also encourage you to read the Ancestry Privacy Statement, as well as the AncestryDNA Privacy Statement, which explain in detail how we collect and process personal information.


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