From time to time Ancestry may send you emails pertaining to your membership, our websites, or other offers we think may interest you. You can control the communications you receive by accessing Email Preferences or by clicking the "Email preferences" link at the bottom of any Ancestry promotional email. Be aware that it can take a few days for changes to email settings to take effect. Types of communication you may receive include:


Membership and account emails. Ancestry sends periodic emails about membership status, renewal reminders, and billing statements. You cannot "opt-out" of these administrative messages.


Ancestry Monthly Update. Ancestry may send you a monthly newsletter, which includes updates about new records and features on Ancestry, advice from genealogy experts, and other helpful information that may help improve your experience on the website.


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New Records Notifications. Ancestry may also email you to inform you about new records and updated collections on the Ancestry website, which may help you improve your family history research.


Hint emails. Ancestry sends email notifications about new hints for your family tree. Emails are sent weekly by default, but you can change your Alert Preferences to receive notifications monthly or to unsubscribe.