Photo Corner: California Miners

Contributed by Laura Kesey-Farrell
This treasure had all the miners' names written on the back by my grandfather, who is sitting at the lower left, holding his hat. Two uncles and two cousins of his are also in the photo. This was taken at Sulphur Banks mine, a mercury (cinnabar) mine, north of Clear Lake, near the present town of Clearlake Oaks (California). It was very productive in its day, with a very interesting history. It is a SuperFund site now--very toxic. Pictured are:

Front row: James Adams Kesey, William M. "Billy" Adams, Percy Brewer, Lou Adams, Sam Grigsby, Jr.

Middle Row: Tom Mayhew, Truckee Mathews, Sam Grigsby, Jack Smith, Younger Hicks "Major" Adams.

Back Row: Billy Mayhew, Nathaniel Herndon Adams, Cap Hunt, Ulrich Schaenti, Bill Campbell, Charles Grigsby.

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