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State Census Collections on has a number of state censuses online. As of November 2009, some state censuses are available for the following states:

Alabama State Censuses (1820-1866) 
California Spanish Mission Censuses (1796-1798) 
Colorado State Census (1885)
Florida State Censuses (1867-1945)
Illinois State Censuses (1825-65)

Iowa State Censuses (1836-1925)
Kansas State Censuses (1855-1925)
Minnesota State Censuses (1849-1905)
Mississippi State and Territorial Censuses, 1792-1866)

Missouri State Censuses (1844-81)
Nebraska State Census (Various years and county coverage; see the database description for details.)
New Jersey State Census (1895)
New York State Census (1855, some counties not available)

New York State Census (1875, some counties not available)
New York State Censuses (1880, 1892, 1905, some counties not available)
New York State Census  (1915)
North Dakota State Censuses (1915-25)
Oklahoma Territorial Census (1890 and 1907) 
Pennsylvania, Septennial Census (1779-1863) 
Rhode Island State Censuses (1865-1935) 
South Dakota Territorial Census (1885) 
South Dakota State Census (1895) 
Washington State Censuses (1857-1892)
Wisconsin State Censuses (1895-1905)

(Note: Not all of these states have complete coverage at this time. Search the card catalog for additional partial collections and indexes to state censuses.)  

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