Jessica Biel visits Chicago to study her ancestry on TLC series

In an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" actress Jessica Biel gets her AncestryDNA results at the Palmer House Hilton. 

Kiss Me, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Irish

Many people have a strong identity formed around their heritage and after seeing an AncestryDNA commercial this New York Times reporter questions her own heritage.

Courteney Cox Learns Her Ancestors Were Kings and Kingslayers

With a little help from the good folks at, Cox learned that her 18-times great-grandfather was an English baron by the name of Thomas de Berkeley. In 1327, Berkeley imprisoned King Edward II at the behest of Queen Isabella.

What Can You Do With the World's Largest Family Tree?

When family trees includes millions of people, then we’re beyond the realm of individual stories. When genealogies get so big, they’re not just the story of a family anymore; they contain the stories of whole countries and, at the risk of sounding grandiose, even all of humanity.


770,000 Tubes of Spit Help Map America’s Great Migrations

America is not the great melting pot that poets like Ralph Waldo Emerson once extolled. At least, that’s not the story that DNA tells, according to the genealogy company Ancestry. 

Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of North America

Ancestry publishes a paper in prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications. The paper uncovers subtle patterns of migration and settlement in the postcolonial United States. 

EXCLUSIVE: Sterling K. Brown, Ryan Michelle Bathe Are the Ultimate Relationship Goals With 'Amazing' Love Story

Actors Sterling K. Brown and wife Ryan Michelle Bathe discuss their romance at the SAG Awards. The celebrities thank Ancestry for the DNA tests that taught them about their history. DNA Database Tops 3M, Sales Rise To $850M Ahead Of Likely 2017 IPO

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, bargain-hunting Americans went online to stock up on millions of Xboxes and televisions, Barbies and Lego sets, iPhones and countless other holiday goodies. They also bought a record-setting 560,000 DNA kits from

Benedict Cumberbatch has a family connection to Sherlock Holmes

 Benedict Cumberbatch might be everyone's favourite on-screen Sherlock, but he also has another connection to the world-famous detective. Research conducted by revealed that Cumberbatch is directly related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes.