How Ancestry's Amazing Utah Office is Both Inspiring and Sentimental

Ancestry's 200,000-square-foot Utah headquarters, designed by Rapt Studio, is a sight to behold, but it's the employees' stories that really make it come alive.

A Father’s Day story that touches all the bases

Adopted son Bruce Beyer never sought the identity of his birth parents until recent years - and then learned his father was a World Series Champion.’s $100 Million Agency Search Leads to Droga5

Popular family history and consumer genomics tool has selected Droga5 New York as its lead creative agency after a review, as the brand seeks to stay ahead of competitors.

Daughter meets mom 2 days after learning she was adopted 52 years ago

Using Ancestry, a birth mother and her daughter were reunited for the first time since being separated 52 years ago.

Jessica Biel visits Chicago to study her ancestry on TLC series

In an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" actress Jessica Biel gets her AncestryDNA results at the Palmer House Hilton. 

Kiss Me, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Irish

Many people have a strong identity formed around their heritage and after seeing an AncestryDNA commercial this New York Times reporter questions her own heritage.

Courteney Cox Learns Her Ancestors Were Kings and Kingslayers

With a little help from the good folks at, Cox learned that her 18-times great-grandfather was an English baron by the name of Thomas de Berkeley. In 1327, Berkeley imprisoned King Edward II at the behest of Queen Isabella.

What Can You Do With the World's Largest Family Tree?

When family trees includes millions of people, then we’re beyond the realm of individual stories. When genealogies get so big, they’re not just the story of a family anymore; they contain the stories of whole countries and, at the risk of sounding grandiose, even all of humanity.