Dan Jones

Dan Jones has served as our Global Vice President of Content since November 2011, having joined the organization in October 2008 as Director of International Content. Dan joined Ancestry after six years at The National Archives of the U.K. where he held a number of roles including leading the Business Development, Online Services and PR departments. While at The National Archives Dan implemented a successful program of public private partnership to encourage investment in digital access services, and served on the Executive Team and Board of Directors during 2007 and 2008.

Scott Sorensen

Scott Sorensen has served as our Chief Technology Officer since April 2013. Scott has been at Ancestry since June 2002 and has held multiple positions including Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vice President of Search and Vice President of Commerce. Prior to joining Ancestry, he was co-founder and Vice President of Engineering and then President at Coresoft Technologies. Scott was an engineering manager at WordPerfect / Novell and a software engineer at IBM. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University.

Ken Chahine

Ken Chahine has served as our Executive Vice President and General Manager for AncestryDNA, LLC since April 2015. He joined the Company as General Manager and Senior Vice President for AncestryDNA, LLC in July of 2011. Prior to joining us, he held several positions, including as Chief Executive Officer of Avigen, a biotechnology company in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah, and at Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals (currently Pfizer).

Dan Lincoln

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Ashwin Panicker

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Max Norris

Rhona Murray

Paul MacKay