Sisters Separated for 47 Years Meet for the First Time: 'She'll Never Get Away From Me Again!'

After years of searching, led Braica to distant relatives who helped her find Kreppel. The pair united at a Florida airport and shared an emotional embrace.

You Can Take Britain Out of Europe, but You Can’t Take Europe Out of the British, Says

French, Italians, Germans, Poles and other Europeans belt out Rick Astley’s 1988 hit “Together Forever” in a new ad from, reminding the British that while Brexit may take them out of the European Union, it can’t remove Europe from their DNA.

Blind teen meets the woman who saved his life 15 years ago: 'It was beautiful'

After her entire family took Ancestry DNA tests -- an activity she chose to do to celebrate her birthday -- she accidentally became one step closer to meeting the woman who saved her son's life 15 years ago.

Long-lost brothers discover each other at same college: 'I was in disbelief'

Two biological brothers who were separated as children were recently shocked by a discovery on Ancestry-- that as adults they live 15 minutes away from each other, attend the same college, and are studying the same major and minor.

Greg Louganis: How I Found My Birth Mother

When Greg Louganis, 57, first submitted his DNA to in late 2016—and confirmed the identity of his birth father, Fouvale Lutu — the Olympic diver never thought he’d find his birth mother as well.

Holiday Gift Guide

The New York Times and Wirecutter bring you this indispensable guide to the best gifts of the holiday season. Browse by interest or price; we promise you’ll find something nice. 

The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for the 2017 Holiday Season

This holiday season offers smarter wearables, gadgets to stabilize your iPhone and GoPro videos, inventive ways to categorize your wine collection and amazing options to chart your ancestry so you can connect to your long-lost cousins. Happy Holidays!

'Coco' filmmakers discover family history in latest Ancestry spot

In a spot by Omnicom’s Content Collective, Ancestry’s lead genealogist Jenn Utley reveals the results of personal DNA tests to Coco filmmakers Adrian Molina, Darla Anderson and Lee Unkrich, mirroring the journey of the "Coco" film’s main character.

Build your own drone: DIY gifts that are great for creative minds

Art made of snapshots and genealogy kits make these gifts highly personal, says columnist Marc Saltzman.