Is Worth It? Cyber Monday Shoppers Think So

Among the day’s top-selling products was the DNA kit, which sold 700 percent more in one day than in the entire holiday period last year. Yep, you read that right ― 700 percent. 

Always remember: You’re a Madison’

Oral history said she was descended from a president and an enslaved woman. But what would her DNA say?

Adopted woman whose birth family thought she had died finally meets them at 66 years old

It wasn't until three months ago that Kewer, 66, who was raised as an only child, would discover that she's actually one of five siblings. Her mother, the late Leona Holmes Duff Goode Lambert, had four other children, whom Kewer met for the first time in November. 

Glennon Doyle And Abby Wambach On Why The Best Storytelling Happens When You Embrace The Past

During this year’s Together Live tour, Doyle and Wambach joined forces with AncestryDNA, exploring how their families’ pasts inform their own family’s future. Together Live also partnered with Ancestry to encourage audiences to discover their own pasts and inspire their futures. 

Pixar promotes finding your roots through Ancestry in video for new Coco film

Disney and Pixar have been digging into a sense of belonging to one’s roots lately, with movies like Brave, Moana and most recently the new Pixar film Coco. With a new cross-promotional campaign with Ancestry, the studio has taken that search for roots to a new level.

Travelers take trips to explore their genealogy

Manuel Maqueo grew up in Mexico and his parents said they had relatives in Italy, Portugal and Africa. But the details were scant. Then Maqueo saw a YouTube video offering to send contest winners throughout the world to learn about their ancestry. He applied and won AncestryDNA.

Ancestry answered the DNA questions 23andMe couldn’t

A really awesome thing about being black is that ancestry can be very unclear because of, you know, slavery. Enter DNA kits.

I did all of my holiday shopping at once by buying this item for my whole family — and it's on sale right now

Gift giving can be stressful if you have that family member (or several) who either has everything, or doesn't have any hobbies.  But this year I was able to solve all those problems at once and finish my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving by going with AncestryDNA.

The NEW Full English breakfast: Scientists create a fry-up to match the DNA of the average Brit – and baked beans and bacon have been ditched for French cassoulet and Iberico pork

With one billion 'full Englishes' eaten each year in the UK, the breakfast is a much-loved national staple. But new research into English ancestry has revealed we're a lot less British than you think - meaning a 'true' fry up should look very different. 

From Poland to Lithuania: A Writer's Search for Her Jewish Past

From the Jewish districts of historic cities to small out-of-the-way towns once known as shtetls, the author finds remnants of the past at every turn.